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Cooky McClung

July 7, 2005

Mary Glowicki And Captain Are Still Young Enough

Anyone who believes riding may be too hazardous for those approaching the early-bird-special cycle of life should consider Mary Glowicki and Captain.

Proudly toting up a century and a quarter between them, this intrepid pair from Michigan has ordered Father Time to take a hike, disregarding the scare tactics of the timid ("What if you fall asleep/fall over/fall off?") and galloping full-tilt over them.

December 27, 2004

Holiday Special Issue/Merry Metamorphose!

I know there's a lot more to Christmas and the holiday season than giving and getting presents. I'm also aware we've allowed our holiday to focus more on the mall than the manger. But the frosty fact is, with carols ringing and Santa in stores by the 5th of July, the great Yuletide buy-wrap-and-ship frenzy plays a major part in almost everyone's annual festivities.

September 14, 2004

We Could Go Sideways (And Faster Too)

The time has come to set the record straight about dressage: It was invented by fox-hunters.

More accurately, the movements incorporated in this classical form of horsemanship were practiced on the hunting field eons before they were performed in any Renaissance arena with fancy-schmantzy terms like pirouette and serpentine.

Without bothering to research the indisputable proof that these complicated exercises were first developed by folks in pursuit of Reynard, over the centuries "experts" have perpetuated the myth that dressage was perfected by the French.

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