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Blogs - Devon D’Angelo

July 9, 2012

Small Town Showdown

Well, it was bound to happen some time. And thanks to one of my girlfriends, it didn’t come as a complete shock. But in a small town, you’re eventually going to run into someone you didn’t want to see.

February 13, 2012

No Unbridled Romance This Valentine’s Day

You can’t go anywhere this time of year without catching glimpses of red and pink hearts, little cupids and ads for roses. Every retail outlet has a sweetheart theme, every restaurant a lovebird special.

Even the equestrian world has jumped on the bandwagon. I got an email from the Equine Network mailing list the other day that was titled “14 Ways To Treat Your Horse-Loving Sweetheart,” but it just advertised books! Now I’m a real sweetheart and a horse lover, and I can easily think of 14 other ways to treat myself.


4 years 49 weeks ago

That link is hillarious. :D

That link is hillarious. :D
Thelonious Mule
4 years 48 weeks ago

Unbridled Romance

It is refreshing to read tales of on-again, off-again equestrienne romance in the hoof prints of Valentine's Day. I too have been whinnying for a few months about a guy who knows nothing about horses (talk about schooling ponies!). The surrounding stable of our interactions have featured: watching college football games, crashing black-tie balls, discussing high-minded literature, visioning travel to far away places, throwing back Alabama Slammers, and taking shoeless moonlit frolicks. Not bad for unbridled romance, you say? In an un-gilded age of forgotten chivalry, perhaps yes. In striking a balance between my horse/non-horse existence, I always look to follow as much as I lead by the bit. I attempt, on the one hoof, to identify ways I can expose a guy to my galloping passions (not willy nelly, mind you...neigh, neigh!). And on the other hoof, I feel very good following his lead in sipping a delectable Kentucky bourbon at home, eating carry-out Chinese food in comfy clothes, etc. Provided our interests are complementary in some way -- if not shared -- I feel like we can both eat from the same bountiful feed bucket (i.e., have a healthy give-and-take) and groom an inspired relationship. No show horses are single dimensional, afterall.
January 11, 2012

Dating Woes And Whoas Of The Single Equestrienne

Ladies, let’s face it. Finding a good man isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you’re a horse girl—harder than finding the right horse, I think. (My logic behind this is when you commit to a horse, you already know you will have to take care of them, feed them, clean up after them, etc., but you are happy to do it).