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February 5, 2016

Yay For The Thoroughbred At The Wellington Eventing Showcase

If someone wanted to get up close and personal with eventing, this is the way to do it.

The Wellington Eventing Showcase is a close-in eventing experience, with spectator-friendly viewing of all phases in a compact show-village normally home to legions of dressage horses. Billed as a showcase with high-stakes, this “eventing lite” experience is perfect for the introduction of the sport to new viewers.

While the weather on dressage day was a bit nippy for the area, breezes and clouds didn’t keep spectators from watching 35 riders here to compete for $75,000 in prize money.

February 2, 2016

Amateurs Like Us: Three Cheers For The (Professional) Adult Amateur

My alarm went off at 5:15 a.m. the other morning, and as I drug a brush through my hair and threw food into my dogs’ bowls, I began to wonder, why it is that I do this?  

While everyone else was enjoying a Sunday on the couch watching football, or doing a girls’ brunch with a mimosa, I was layering long underwear under my breeches in order to spend another frigid day at a winter schooling show.

February 1, 2016

The Search For Phenomenal

Last year, an amazing client presented me with an opportunity—to find a young horse for me to develop, and to share in the expenses of the journey. It's the first time anyone's offered me a shot like this, and after I finished blubbering like a moron, the search was on.

January 29, 2016

Six Simple Rules To Buying Your Next Thoroughbred

I have now been interviewed numerous times in the past few months about my current Thoroughbred project, Called To Serve. More so since the Retired Racehorse Project’s TB Makeover, where we won the dressage discipline

And each time, I am asked the same question: Why Nixon? What made you pick him? I usually answer with the same cliché sound bite—he is big, he is sound, he is young, and he is put together beautifully.

January 26, 2016

Amateurs Like Us: The Voices In Our Heads

Something that comes up frequently on the Chronicle discussion forums’ hunter/jumper forum is bad experiences with trainers. I’ve had a few of those but what strikes me is how important my trainers, past and present, have been to me.


1 week 19 hours ago

Trainer needed

I have a very well behaved coming 7-year-old Purebred Arabian stallion. He really is a beginning training level horse and needs a trainer (dressage or hunter) within easy driving distance of my Kankakee, IL home. I am almost 70 years old and disabled. I can no longer ride myself. Any ideas?
January 22, 2016

Open The Gate

I often wonder why riders who say they want to win or be better riders never utilize the one thing, the one FREE thing that is at their disposal all the time. Riding outside the ring.

I hear every excuse in the book, and I could care less what yours might be, but riding outside the ring is the of the most underutilized tools of becoming a stellar rider, and stellar horse, especially pertaining to the hunter rings. Yep—that “cross-country” term that brings people to firmly shake their heads, quiver in their boots, and refuse to even consider.

January 18, 2016

One Night At Global

Ella and I kicked off 2016 in the first CDI-W of the year. She felt absolutely amazing in the warm-up, so energetic and keen to my aids, the best I've ever had her. I feel great about the amount of fitness work we did in the fall—we even got an award for the fittest and healthiest horse, so it's not just me that thinks she looks incredible!—and I feel frustrated that we didn't do very well.

January 13, 2016

Amateurs Like Us: Coming Home—A Re-Rider’s Journey Back Into The Saddle

Introducing the Chronicle's newest amateur rider blogger, Lindsey Long!

I spent four months of my life tirelessly scouring and reading every ad for every sale horse in the 48 contiguous states. Each evening after dinner I’d pour a glass of wine, pull out my iPad, and start looking within a 100-mile radius of my southern California zip code.

January 10, 2016

Diary Of A Reluctant Salesman

I currently find myself with the arduous task of putting together my first syndicate. I’m aware that the position of having found a few really nice, exciting, and surprisingly affordable young horses (bred in the United States no less!) is an enviable one, but the process of asking people for money is decidedly UNenviable…


3 weeks 4 days ago

selling yourself

There is a famous insurance salesman named Larry Wilson who became the youngest member of the Million Dollar Roundtable. He told a story that the way he got there was when he realized it usually took abut 10 knocks on doors to make one sale. So instead of feeling rejected at each house that said no, he suddenly saw it as his way of getting to the yes. He began to look forward to each conversation and it got a lot easier for him and soon his success rate got much higher. Look at each of your conversations as opportunities to engage with people who will probably be fans even if they can't be syndicate members, and who might offer good advice or just turn up at an event to cheer you on, or better yet, might think of someone who can become an owner for you. Tell them about the horses mostly, because your passion is obvious and who will feel bad about sharing that conversation with you. All the best. Evalyn Bemis
January 10, 2016

HH Azur Is Show Jumping's "It" Girl

On a cool January morning in 2006, assistant trainer Peter Brette led me down the shed row of Michael Matz’s barn at Palm Meadows Training Center (Fla.) and introduced me to every horse.

There were stakes-caliber mares, reliable allowance horses and unraced, unproven colts and fillies full of endless promise.

And then there was Barbaro—well, before he was the Barbaro we know and remember today.