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    Default Post alert function etiquette

    This BB is a community with upwards of 30,000 "residents." There are only four moderators. We cannot possibly read every thread and every post here, so we rely rather heavily on community self-policing via the post alert function. We absolutely encourage forum members to use it whenever they see something they think the moderators might want to know about. One of us will go take a look, and we may or may not agree with you that something needs to be done. If the thread is left alone, you can assume we disagreed with you and thought the thread was OK.

    We do not usually answer post alerts. If you want to ask a question, email or PM a moderator directly. The post alerts are not meant to start a conversation or debate why a thread is open or closed. Post alerts are simply meant to alert us to a problem.

    We greatly appreciate the people who understand that we are human and have other obligations and interests, and do their part to try to help keep the neighborhood neat and tidy. You make our jobs much, much easier. But what we do NOT appreciate are post alerts that are snarky and full of attitude.

    Here are some tips on how responsible BBers should/should not use the post alert system:

    DO send in an alert if you think a thread is starting to turn into a trainwreck. We would much rather be able to step in early and get a thread back on track than deal with ten pages of posts that need to be edited or deleted later.

    DO NOT post on a thread "Where are the moderators???!" in lieu of sending in an alert. We are not omniscient. We do not read everything. And it is extremely likely that we are never going to see your post buried on page 12 of one of 200 threads that are currently active. Use the post alert function instead.

    DO send in an alert for obvious spam (cell phones, computers, iPods, etc. for sale). We remove those threads and ban those people immediately to prevent them from getting ANY traffic or inquiries from this site (and therefore coming back here to post more spam).

    DO send alerts for posts that violate our no adverting policy, threads that are in the wrong forum and should be moved, or anything else that you think the moderators might not have seen yet that is in violation of the rules.

    DO NOT send repeated alerts for the same post/thread. This will not get us to a thread any faster, and in fact, will only make us REALLY ANNOYED with you when we are back at our computers.

    DO NOT snark or otherwise heap attitude in your post alert. The alert function is merely an easy way for you to let the moderators know that they might want to look at a particular thread. You do not get to demand, threaten, or otherwise insist that we do your bidding. Our forum, our rules, and we are The Deciders. That is the way it works.

    DO NOT send in post alerts screaming "WHY IS THIS BEING ALLOWED???!!! YOU ARE BIASED AND UNFAIR!!!!!" First of all, unless YOU have previously sent in a post alert on this thread, you have absolutely no idea if it is "being allowed." More than likely, we don't even know it exists. So just send a polite alert letting us know. If nothing is done, then you can POLITELY contact a moderator and ask NICELY for clarification.

    If you have sent in an alert and nothing is done, DO NOT send in another. Guess what? We haven't done anything because, in our opinion, nothing needs to be done. You may not agree with our actions, and that's fine. We don't expect everyone to agree. But when you participate here, you agree respect OUR rules and OUR decisions. If they are not to your liking, you are free to find another BB that suits you better.

    If you are caught breaking the rules, DO NOT send in alert after alert on old threads that you think are ALSO breaking the rules. If you didn't care enough to alert us to these threads before you yourself got busted for something, then we don't want to hear about it now. You won't get out of a speeding ticket if other people on the highway are speeding but the cop with the radar gun happens to clock YOU. Likewise, the fact that other people might have broken rules does not excuse you if YOU break them. Next time, send in those alerts, and then those other rule breakers won't get away with it.

    Please use the post alert button with care. We can -- and absolutely will -- ban posters from the forum if they abuse the post alert system.
    Last edited by Erin; Aug. 21, 2007 at 02:47 PM.

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