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    Nov. 8, 2012
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    Default Purina hydration cubes

    A great new product! Compressed brick of chopped hay, add water
    and you have a bucket of gut soothing goodness! I am using on my
    'change of weather colicer' another friend is planning to try on a
    hind gut ulcer. It is also great for horses who won't drink on a long trailer ride.

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    I'll admit i was intrigued when I saw them the other day, and probably would have considered them if I hadn't found the price per bale and determined that they cost over a dollar per pound. I'll just stick to chopped hay!

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    This is different than hay cubes how, exactly? Other than a fancy name and some new packaging?

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    Nov. 10, 2011


    Not trying to be snarky.... but why not just feed soaked alfalfa cubes? From what I've gathered they do the same thing. I put a handful in a bucket and let the slurping begin. Also, a 50lb bag is $16 at TSC and lasts me almost a month fed daily to my three horses.

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    Soaked alfalfa cubes or timothy cubes do the same thing for a lot less money. Or cheaper still just add water to their grain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simkie View Post
    This is different than hay cubes how, exactly? Other than a fancy name and some new packaging?
    Based on what I saw at Fair Hill, the "Hydration Hay" soaked/broke down much faster than regular cubes and didn't appear to require the "combing through" by hand that you do if you're really concerned about getting the cubes thoroughly broken down. The blocks didn't seem quite as compressed as cubes, somehow, and the fiber length wasn't quite as long/rough as cubes, either (but longer than you'd get from soaked pellets).

    If my old guy were still around, I think it would have been perfect for him (pretty serious dental issues) as it would have given him a little more "long fiber" than the soaked alfalfa pellets I fed, and soaked down into fluff faster than cubes (or pellets) did. That said, I don't have a need for it now, so I didn't bother to ask about pricing. If it's as expensive as blujen said, it doesn't sound cost effective to feed on a regular basis...

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