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    Default Tall Boots

    I am in need of new tall boots. My last pair were Sergio Grasso (middle of the line) and fit okay enough. I had surgery however on my calves and now my right calf is a little bigger than the left and the boots don't fit anymore. I am 5'7 but I have tiny feet (6.5/7) and in turn have little ankles. These boots still felt loose on my ankles which was really uncomfortable. I have normal size calves for my height I would say. So now I have to get new boots and I am trying to figure out if I need to go fully custom or if another boot might work. Does anyone have opinions/ experience with these boots? Also, I don't feel comfortable measuring myself. I tried once for half chaps, followed the directions, and was still totally off. I am close to Dover but not sure if they would be good at measuring for something like vogel or der dau since they don't sell them. Would a shoe repair place or somewhere like that do this kind of thing? Anyway, here are the boots I was thinking about.

    Ariat Monaco
    Sergio Grasso Imperia
    Der Dau

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    You can get full customs from La Mundial for $600 and they are beauuutiful boots... I know you didn't ask about them, but wanted to toss them in as an option.

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    My trainers son just got some La Mundials and they are GORGEEEEOUUSSSS. Tuccis are pretty too.

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    I've had my Vogels for seven years, and I LOVE them. However, if you aren't close to someone who can accurately measure for you, I'd go with a different boot. Maybe if you post a location someone could recommend someone close to you.

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    I just got my La Mundial's in two days ago!! They came in a few weeks earlier than expected and fit amazingly! They are gorgeous and are breaking in fabulously! They are well worth it!!

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    Do you know the Tattini's riding boots?
    I love them:

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    Dover actually does carry der dau, sergio, vogel, dehner..and i cant remember the other full custom that the raleigh store carries. If you live close to a dover, go in and let them measure you. You really cannot do it right yourself, at least not the way i measure folks. There are so many brands that carry a wide range of sizes, heights and calf widths. If i were you, i would go in, get measured and try on a lot of different options unless you just have to have custom boots made.
    Also, are you loking for a field boot or dress? Many of the field boots today are being sold with elastic laces, so you dont have to worry about tying, but you can pull them out and put real laces in...that way you can customize the fit to your foot and ankle. I would try treadstep's donnatellos and mountain horse makes a beautiful field boot and i cant remember the model. I get a lot of "funny shaped" people in the donnatellos because they get such a great fit.
    In my opinion, i would not go to a shoe repair place if they are not very experienced in measuring for custom riding boots. We have to make sure we are measuring for a skin tight fit and right height since you have to factor in that your boot height is going to drop between 3/4 and 1". I hope this has helped, but dont hesitate to go into dover and get measured, they will get you in the perfect thing whether its custom or off the shelf. Good luck!

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