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    Feb. 22, 2009

    Default Mini vent: Please don't reply to an ad for a horse with one line........

    asking What is your lowest price? Sigh. At least ask some questions, tell me what you are looking for, and say something like "we really like Dobbin, but can only spend xxxx amount. If we came out and my daughter was a good match would you be willing to entertain that offer? We don't want to waste your time if you are firm and we can't afford that price"

    That is all I ask.

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    May. 28, 2006




    "I like your horse. We'll take him. When can we meet?"

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    Aug. 2, 2001
    Ft Worth, TX, USA


    I treat those like spam (which I'll bet 99% are), and don't reply. I've gotten the same and variations. "I really like your horse". Well, yay, I'm thrilled
    "Everyone will start to cheer, when you put on your sailin shoes"-Lowell George

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    Jan. 10, 2007
    too far from the barn


    OK, here is a pretty amusing exchange where I (buyer) and the seller just were not communicating well:

    me: Hi - can you tell me the details of his breeding (what is the cross)? Any soundness issues or stable vices? How long have you had him and why are you selling?

    seller:Thanks for your interest. He is mom was a TB and his dad a DWB. No bad habits. A very solid citizen.
    Hacks out quietly on the trails Loves to jump. Kind and quiet. I bought him as a rising three yr old for my self to eventually foxhunt. When I bought him I was told that both his parents were big and both were successful event horse. He has the movement and style to do dressage, 3-day or hunters. He is very nice but he is not going to make 16'.3" hands. That is what I was hoping for. I am 5'10" . I currently use him in a beginner lesson program but he is too nice to ruin. I did not hunt last year due me having a knee problem so now I am just mainly trail riding and have an older horse who I use for that.
    you are more than welcome to come try him and even do an on farm lease to make sure he is what you want. I have nothing to hide. I want the person buying him to like him because he is that nice. Easy to catch.

    me: that sounds great. He sounds like eventing would work. Also, only because I am a pedigree junkie, I would be interested if you have the names of his dam and sire.

    seller: We had a small kitchen fire and a bunch of stuff got trashed. He was bred somewhere near here on a warmblood farm .. I bought him from the lady who broke him and whose husband was going to start riding.

    Great idea. Young unbroke horse and a man learning to ride.

    After the fire I tried calling her to get everything replaced. No return calls. No e-mail due to the fire. Since he was a gelding I did not care. I ride English so it did not matter to me. Sorry good luck in your search.

    HUH??? After this, seller would not return messages, very odd. I did call her when I was in the area the following week and she said he was sold.
    OTTBs rule, but spots are good too!

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    Jan. 2, 2006
    Dallas, NC


    If you get the one line reply "What is your bottom price?" or "Is the item still for sale?" DO NOT REPLY as they are looking for valid, legitimate emails or to send you back a virus or "I was an unemployed mom too and now work from home when I found out about....."
    I want a signature but I have nothing original to say except: "STHU and RIDE!!!

    Wonderful COTHER's I've met: belleellis, stefffic, snkstacres and janedoe726.

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    Nov. 1, 2010


    and please, please READ THE AD!!

    A 10 year old moving up from a pony is NOT AN EXPERIENCED RIDER no matter how much she has shown!!

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    May. 28, 2006


    Ditto LookMa....

    This is a LARGE, sometimes HOT ottb eventer. No ma'am, I do not think he would be good to keep at your house for when your 5 y/o grandson comes to stay with you.

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