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    Default Gift ideas for BO and "helpers"

    I am lucky enough to have stumbled across the"pefect" barn for my horse. Its not fancy, it does not even have an indoor. When you walk in to the barn itself you look around and you see a lot of stuff out of place like blankets just in a heap in a corner, or "stuff" in the back that you are not sure what it is.
    But the horses are "fat and sassy" and healthy. She has a pony that is pushing 30 that acts half her age. And all the horses welcome you with winnies and such.
    The barn is laid(sp the right word/spelling) back. No pressure to do anything to prove anything.
    She took and is still taking care of my horse when I had my stroke, and offed to me when I want to ride a pony to get my blance etc back when ever I want.
    The other boarder( think there are two now) also did things like lunged, played with him, etc while I was not able.
    So I "owe" everyone so to speak.
    I had so basic ideas like perhaps getting those over size stockings from the dollar store and putting them on the stall doors with treats and stuff in them.. Then DH rememded me that 1) they half doors with upper half open 2) that Toby and his neighbor have a contest on how fast they can remove things from their doors... 3) that the thing removed usually end up in an ugly mess half was up the asle (as in they grab, have fun with object, and toss as far as they can).
    So scratch that idea...
    For the people with means the BM, her DD her grandDD (who is about 4 so she is easy thought a coloring book and caryons) and other border. That is where Im having the problems. They all helped when I needed it the most doing the small things that I would normally do. As far as I know none of them drink so wine and other adult beverages are out as are the little wine glass charms I found in the 'back in the saddle' catalogue.
    Any ideas, that will not break the bank but show my thanks for all they have done.. I thought of gift cards to tack stores but we dont have any unless you think TSC is a tack store....
    Friend of bar .ka

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    I think most people appreciate simple things - a really nice photo of their horse in a pretty frame, or some homemade cookies (pony treats?) with a heartfelt card, things like that. It doesn't sound like the barn owner is much into status symbols or fancy stuff, and I bet just knowing how much you appreciate the help would be the best present ever.
    We move pretty fast for some rabid garden snails.

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    Last year I made cookies, horse treats and dog treats (for those with dogs) for everyone as a holiday gift.

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    I'll tag along with my own question! I have the best BO ever, AND we make up more than half her barn (eek!), so we have a lot of horses she takes care of and she does an excellent job!

    But she doesn't own a horse.

    What to get? She's looking for a horse in a casual kind of way, had one on trial about a month ago that didn't work out, but doesn't have one now and won't be bonded to one by Xmas even if she did get one soon. She's a busy SAHM mom, two kids (one double digit, one single), does all the kiddie sports like swim, soccer, etc, I know she has a book club she belongs to...

    I am making some horse shoe decorations for friends this year, but want to give her something else also .
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    "I am all for reaching out, but in some situations it needs to be done with a rolled up news paper." Alagirl

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    Could this treat stockings be hung from tack hooks in the tack room (or tack lockers, if it's like my barn)? I was thinking of the same thing, but know a few of the girls' horses are too mischievous for stall decorations!
    Or you could bake a batch of cookies or brownies and just bring them to the barn on the busiest day to share.
    The girls helped me prepare the day of a show (little schooling show at the barn, but I was very rusty!!) helping me pick which breeches to wear with my old coat and giving me hints about the classes (which they were riding in, guess they didn't think I was that much of a threat, lol!!). I wanted to thank them as well. I gave them ten or fifteen dollar gift cards to the cafe down the road and wrote the note from my horse's perspective, thanking them for keeping his human from losing her mind.

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    I like to give people an assortment of smallish, "indulgent" I'm-thinking-of-you gifts. Things that I love, but have a hard time justifying buying for myself. I love to put together baskets with things like:

    * some warm, fuzzy slipper-socks like these:

    * an assortment of some nice single-serving packs of gourmet hot chocolate, coffee, or tea (depending on what they like to drink) -- Ghirardelli is my favorite

    * a few nice chocolates (again, Ghirardelli)

    * a nice candle in a homey, non-offensive scent like cinnamon or holly

    * some crackers and a really nice cheese

    * a favorite book if we have the same taste in reading, or a barnes & noble gift card

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    Thank you so much But please keep the ideas comming. They're great ideas.
    You are right she is one who likes the simple things.
    So far I think for I will bake a a bunch a brownies and cookies for the barn in general for thanksgiving.
    For the one border for xmas that helped with my horse maybe a candle and something else ...
    The BMs DD who I'vd known since she was geesh young Im scared to think how young.. But she was itty bitty.. Well she is in her mid to late 20's I've lived in the area for mmm since 95 maybe before would have to check met her then... I think that a candle and some goodies. For her DD a coloring book and crayons to keep her busy.
    For the BM I am still at a loss..
    Thanks so much
    Friend of bar .ka

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