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    Nov. 12, 2012
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    Question Rain rot on horses

    Hi my name is Derek owner/operator of Rockin C and I am affiliated with a new rescue named Ways' Ranch here in NE Oklahoma. I take on the horses here at my ranch that are in need of training and medication from the Ways'. I have three horses, including my families own rescue. I have really no challenges out here with these horses, besides one nusense that seems not to go away. And that is rain rot, these three horses were picked up at the first of september, dry-lotted, no human contact, and were in the same field as their dad! My problem is we scrubbed and scrubbed with iodine shampoo which was suggested by the vet. After we were done that mid September day they looked great, but it seems to have made its way through once again. I feel defeated, looking for some good advice as what I should do, even with winter coming on. Starting to get a lil worried!!!! . Please we need some great advice.

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    Jul. 17, 2009
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    I had a horse that got a case of Rain Rot last summer. 3 treatments with Iodine shampoo didn't work. I started him on SmartOmega3 supplement from Smart Pak and scrubbed him once with Cowboy Majic KrudBuster shampoo. It worked.
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    Try a simple mixture of chlorhex (either Nolvasan solution or Hibiclens) in water and spray on daily. Later that day after it is well dried then groom with lamisil powdered spray.

    Do not forget to bleach those brushes and curries. I just throw them in the old washing machine on soak with 1/2 cup bleach.

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    Aug. 25, 2012


    A mix of baby oil and original listerine will clear it up!

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    Feb. 19, 2006
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    Dry lotted horses with no access to green grass with recurring rain rot and probably have goopy eyes and dandruff too? They are deficient in Vitamin A/beta carotene.

    You can test this yourself simply by giving them about 5 CC of cattle injectable vit A ORALLY (I just squirt it over some not inject them) once a week for two or three weeks to get them back up to par. This is what I use. 15 dollars and itll last a long time. As a preventative, I give my guys 5 CC once a month when they are on hay only.

    Green grass has lots of beta carotene that the horses turns into Vit A which is why all the rain rot seems to disappear in the spring on pastured horses. Horses on hay only can get skin issues anytime unless they are getting enough A from a feed source....many are lacking and some horses still need more than others. Hay looses its vit A a couple months after baling.

    No need to treat it topically at all. Save your money. You will see new hair in a week or so and the scabs will just curry off. After its gone, you can simply put them on a supplement that has 100,000 UI of Vit A like Farnam's Mare Plus. Some horses need more than others but this amount seems to be right for most horses IME. It works.

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    I also give SmartPak Omegas Plus to my TB who arrived here with terrible rainrot ... he has never had it again. I did have to put him on doxy for Lyme's and that cleared up the rainrot - it has never come back though and I attribute that to the Omegas Plus.

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