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    Default Best winter riding clothes?

    What are your favorites? I'm in need of a new waterproof jacket. Heading back to Ireland in Jan for a couple months to ride. Not my first trip so I'm familiar with the weather, but looking for some suggestions on good winter gear as I'm due for some new threads

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    Jan. 14, 2012


    I really like the tri-climate north face jackets. I ride in them and do stable work in them. Their clothing is made short enough to ride in and they are extremely warm and durable. I also love Kerrits I have multiple fleece pullovers and I love them all! They are sooooo warm! I also like the Kerrits winter breeches. I personally think woolies are the warmest socks on the planet but thats just me. I love winter clothes. I find them fun to pick out. I was a little disappointed with the Mountain Horse selection this year.

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    Jul. 9, 2011


    I love my 3/4 length riding coat from Mountain Horse. I think it's called 'the duchesse" or something of the sort. Not very water proof, but warm as can be and looks good around town and on the horse! This winter, I have been living in my Dubarry's and a pair of good wool socks. For riding, get what works for you and keeps you warm, plus don't forget your ears and face! The wind can get nippy up there! If you're thinking you'll be in for more wet than cold, fleece- or wool-lined gortex is your friend

    Oh yes, nothing can replace a good pair of warm gloves.
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    Sep. 11, 2011


    Kerrits winter breeches are AWESOME. They kept me toasty in super cold, semi-windy temps in IL last winter.

    As for face/ears...years and years ago, my mom bought me a fleece helmet cover that wraps around your jaw and covers your ears. I haven't worn it in years...until last winter. Looks kinda dorky, but keeps you WARM. I've seen them in Dover.

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    Jan. 10, 2007
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    Irideon winter breeches are super warm. I also like my Boinks. I layer fleece for the top layers and top with a windproof, but light jacket. Ariat tech grip winter glovers. Ariat Brossard winter boots with fleece or smartwool socks and toe warmers
    OTTBs rule, but spots are good too!

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    Apr. 2, 2009
    North Carolina


    Layers. And I always get my jackets from outdoor gear places -- much better at making things TRULY waterproof and durable than horse stuff, and cheaper. I have an LL Bean jacket that is a heinous colour of yellow mixed with years of horse stains. Warm as all get out thanks to Thinsulate and pretty waterproof despite its ugly and it will. not. die. I've probably had it for 15 years. I keep trying to come with an excuse to at least get a better colour, but it doesn't even have a loose stitch!

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    Musto equestrian jacket - its a outdoor sports performance brand....I have used their Equestrian, sailing & skiing gear in all sorts of conditions and they are all FABULOUS. I even used my equestrian jacket hiking in the scottish highlands in January! The conditions were the worst I've ever hiked in, and I was just damp by the end of the 10ish hour day, but everyone was! I have the older version of this one, have used it 8+ish years and it comes out brand new every time its washed.
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    Kerrits breeches are on TOTD today. These aren't the warmest ones they make though.

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    Sep. 7, 2010


    For gloves, I think these SSG ones are the best when it's really cold out:

    When it's not quite as cold, I use silk glove liners under my regular all-weather gloves.

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    Jan. 5, 2010
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    I really like the winter workout long-sleeve wicking tops under armour, nike, etc make. Keeps you warm when moving, wicks sweat, and is so much better than freezing. I pair those with a down vest, plus fleecey interior irideon breeches, toe Warmers, and I layer on fleece jackets under a waxed cotton Barbour. I also swear by Patagonia- i have taken clothes back on a few occasions they died & get them replaced without a prob. U can find deals on eBay too but love them because they wear like iron- better than virtually any other brand I've found.
    I actually posted about winter & waterproof boots a few weeks ago
    Guess winter is on the brain.
    And the wise, Jack Daniels drinking, slow-truck-driving, veteran TB handler who took "no shit from no hoss Miss L, y'hear," said: "She aint wrapped too tight."

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