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    Default Trainer Fees for Local Schooling Shows

    Trainers and Clients: What do you charge/are you charged for per-diem schooling at a local show? I'm actually trying to convince my trainer that she is under-market and ought to be charging us more for show-day coaching. Just wondering what the market is. Most hunter/eq riders at the local shows do 4 o/f and 2 flats, each day. Those in the jumpers usually have 3 classes in a day. Our trainer is a very capable coach for all of her students at all levels. If your situation is comparable, what do you think is an appropriate fee for local show schooling? Thanks.

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    My trainer charges $50 per day for schooling show coaching.

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    Not sure why the fact that it is a local show should make any difference. I would expect their day fee to be the same for any show. Day fees are all over the map and may be dependent on what part of the world you are in.
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    My show fees are as follows:

    Full day fee:
    1 horse at show: $40 per horse/per day
    2 horses at show: $30 per horse/per day
    3 horses or more at show: $25 per horse/per day

    Half Day fee (if I arrive after or leave before 1pm)
    1 horse: $25 per horse/per day
    2 horses: $20 per horse/per day
    3: $15 per horse/per day

    Rider coaching: $40 per horse/per day
    Schooling/showing $25 per horse/per day
    If the horse is incurring the coaching $40 on a particular day, I do not charge any more if I also ride it. Longing is also included if necessary.

    So the most I will charge you for taking you to a show is $80 per day, which includes basic day care, coaching, schooling, longing, and riding it around the pro division/warm ups to prep it. If there is too much work for one person to do and a groom is required, that would be added on and paid directly to that groom by each owner according to the number of horses at the show, trainer's horses included in the count.

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    I charge a flat fee per day per horse which includes everything except lunging and grooming (and getting there obviously). Sometimes I ride them or show them, sometimes its just warmup, sometimes just coaching, sometimes its a lesson and show - whatever is required for that customer to be successful on that day. Customers know exactly what their cost is before they go to the show. I put the same effort and care into each customer at each show so my rate is the same regardless of the rating of the show.

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