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    Mar. 4, 2010

    Default Best way to sell saddle online

    So, I've never tried to sell much of anything online. I have a saddle bought on impulse that I now realize I probably won't ever use and so I want to move it on down the road. What are the options? I have an Ebay account but have never sold anything on there. Should I start with that?

    I don't want to go the CraigsList route. If the saddle doesn't sell on Ebay, where to next?

    I don't want to violate the no-ads policy, so I'll just tell you it's a pretty common trail riding saddle, so no need to send it to fine used saddles or anything like that.


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    Dec. 20, 2009


    Before you stick it on EBAY, I would suggest listing on It is basically free - maybe a couple $$ to add pictures (which you should do). Put in as much info as you have re size of tree, length of flap, photo any obvious blemish. I sold a dressage saddle on there a year or so ago quite quickly. If you didn't know, tack trader is, I believe, affilated w/ the dreamhorse sales site. No sense in paying ebay fees if you don't have to...
    You might also want to do an ad here in the classifieds part of the forum.
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    I'd try listing on and the bits and barter board before eBay. I do sell on eBay but don't like to put saddles on due to the fees and policies (very buyer oriented and saddles are too high priced for me to fool with them).

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    May. 4, 2003


    Beware of those on-line scammers who troll the on-line ads.
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    Jun. 14, 2006


    I too had great luck on as both a buyer and a seller.
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    Oct. 16, 2011


    You could try Dreamhorse, Equine, those kind of sites. I know you can list items such as saddles on, anyway.
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    Nov. 13, 2010


    There was a thread on the eventing forum not too long ago about a really terrible saddle selling experience, I would not go the EBay route for anything expensive.

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