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    Default New saddle, how to break in?

    So I understand this is a weird question, but I have a new saddle for the first time in 20 years. It is a Toulouse and with the double leather I am unsure how to start breaking it in, besides riding in it! I am use to the older Crosby's that drank oil like a tank, but this leather is already much more pliable and I dont want to over oil it.

    Suggestions would be great. TIA
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    When I got my Antares I did just a couple light coats (especially the underside of the flaps) and then just rode and cleaned/conditioned like normal.

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    A balasm (sp?) might work better than oil? I know when I got my French saddle, it came with that and I was told to use it after each ride for the first 15 rides. Or something like that. The double leather might be similar.

    Since I now oil the crap out of the same saddle, I guess I would ride in it and apply some oil when it looks like it needs it. I've heard the Toulouse saddles come pretty soft and broken in already.
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    Give your flaps a roll, if you see little stress cracks it could have some more oil or conditioner, once you've put that coat on roll a few times (like your rolling up a poster) to let it soak in. Do that with a few light coats. The best thing you can really do is get caught in the rain then oil when the leather is just damp because the pore is the most open at that point. But that's something you have to leave up to the universe =] Good luck!

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