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    Default Cross post: Choosing a body clipping pattern - horse's coat is much thinner this year

    Winter is definitely here, yet my horse hasn't grown much of a winter coat. I am wondering what to do about body clipping patterns this year. Right now she gets moderately sweaty in the saddle area and under her belly and a bit in front of her chest and sides of her neck. After I cool down with a short hack, she's dry everywhere except the saddle and girth area.

    Last year she had a much thicker coat so I had to clip earlier in the fall/winter. I ended up doing a medium trace clip.

    Right now I've been able to get away without having clipped her because she dries off quickly. However, in a few more weeks this may be a different story.
    I've been reluctant to clip yet just because her winter coat this year is so much less than last year.

    Any recommendations on what to do?

    In in Northern NJ if that helps. It will get cold, but not ridiculously so.

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    My favorite clip (that incidentally I did again today) is to take from the point of elbow and arc up to the poll. I take everything below that line off, including all of the chest, about half the shoulder, and half the neck. I find it keeps my horses cool enough when working that they don't sweat nearly as much everywhere else (ie saddle and girth). It leaves enough hair that I don't need to drastically alter their blanketing when I do this. If you try this clip, and it's not enough, it easily expands to an Irish clip or a trace clip, or anything else.

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    Are there any sites illustrating all the different cuts?
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    I'd say go with either and apron or Irish clip. Both would be easy to expand if needed.

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