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    Default Event Trainers Who Have Child Riders as students in the MidAtlantic Region

    Are there Eventing trainers in the MD, VA, NC, SC area that have child riders as students? Trying to figure out some different ways to market a medium event pony.


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    Jan. 10, 2007
    too far from the barn


    A little further north, check with Molly Rosin who rides a lot of ponies herself and has kids. Full Moon Farm in Maryland has lots of good juniors. Gammon Nuckols in VA has good juniors as well. Check to see who idoes training stuff for some of the pony clubs in those areas as well as with the pony clubs
    OTTBs rule, but spots are good too!

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    Kate Chadderton has a 14 year old working student. I don't know if she would be too tall for your pony. There is an article about her on Eventing Nation

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    Have you tried Pony Club? E-mail the regional websites - ask to place an ad etc.
    Maryland Region:

    I'd contact Rumsey Keefe in Maryland - DC of Iron Bridge but also an independent instructor with quite a few active evening students. Or Gretchen Butts at Waredaca.

    Eno Triangle Pony Club in NC is one of the more active eventing clubs:

    Lastly - and this one may seem a bit odd/off - I'd contact Dodon Farm. Yes, they are the big-bad-sporthorse go-to guide - but Stewart has also sold some nice ponies lately. (Shhhh) Looking at the website: Dots on Spots, Sassy Sister, Maestro's Bardic Gold...) He may have some secrets of the trade, depending on the degree of your pony's scope.

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    Are you looking for names or just wanting to know if there are trainers who have kids as students in the area? There are many trainers who teach kids in the mid-atlantic. The list is long!

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    Ditto- not sure if you are asking for sales rec'ds or trainers who teach kids rec'ds
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