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    Default Boarding in Bluffton/Hilton Head, South Carolina

    Hi all,

    Might be relocating to the Bluffton area for work. I just wanted to get an idea of barns out there, prices, contact info, ammenities...

    Currently have a 5 y/old Thoroughbred mare, pasture boarded, free choice hay, fed 2x daily, large sand arena with lots of jumps, riding trails all around the farm... Looking for a similar situation...


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    I'm sure other posters can give real recommendations, but several years ago, Rose Hill was a really nice equestrian/waterfront Plantation. They had a huge polo field and nice barns, with trails around the property. Moss Creek is another one just off the island, but i don't think they have much turnout (but i could be wrong). I think there's another place near Okatie but I'm not sure. It's been a long time since I've been around Hilton Head. I miss it!

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    Hilton Head is my hometown. I lived there for 21 years!!

    Land is sparse in the area so pasture board is a little hard to come by (as are extensive trails) unless you're willing to drive a bit. What kind of price range are you looking for? How important is a trainer? Most barns in the area are strictly H/J but there are a few eveners and dressage riders scattered around. Keep in mind that everything is much more expensive in that area.

    I was at Moss Creek for 15 years (from when I was 3-18). It is a small facility with no trails (and small turnouts) but they do a great job. Horses are turned out 24/7 and only come in to eat and for very inclement weather. The manager is great and they have a huge, shady sand arena.

    I've also boarded at Sandy Creek. I don't know who is running it now but turnouts are small, but grassy, and horses are only turned out day or night (AM in the winter, PM in the summer). They had some pretty nice trails but the area around it was getting developed so idk if there's still access to them. Their arena is large and grass with a sand base.

    I boarded at Lawton for a while as well. Their facilities are gorgeous but more suited to show clientele. Their turnouts are very small and the barn is always super busy. Since they've built their new barn, it's very expensive. Their arenas are top notch and the forest preserve has nice trails (but lots of rules). I've heard great things about their new trainer who used to be the equine director at Findlay University.

    Rose Hill is nice but also expensive. They probably have the best trails in the area, plus the polo field is gorgeous. I'm not sure who (if anyone) is training out there right now. Their turnouts are also smallish and idk what their schedule is like.

    Palmetto Bluff is definitely the premier facility in the area but it is $$$$$$. Their facilities are world class but expect to pay $1000+ for them. They do offer day ship ins to use their trails, covered arena, and XC course.

    Rose Dhu is currently being run by my former IHSA coach from Clemson. I can't say enough nice things about her! Their turnout is big for the area and their facilities are nice. Idk what their price range is. There are trails through the plantation but I have not ridden on them.

    There are a couple others as well if you're interested in hearing more

    ETA- I left the area full time 3 years ago. Management/pricing may have changed a bit. I still have a lot of close friends in the area so I do still have a pretty good idea of what goes on.
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    I was hoping you'd chime in, Dani! :-D

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    Rose Dhu is fantastic. Lots of turnout, good footing, well maintained trails, overall a very nice facility. They take excellent car of the horses, and I simply can't think of enough good things to say about them. PM if you'd be interested in contact info, I'm not sure what their current prices are.

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