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    Nov. 9, 2012

    Default Treating a mare with ulcers--any advice??

    Hi--I have a 13 year old QH mare and we are in our 3rd bout with ulcers. Unfortunately, I have just had to pay vet bills for a minor suspensory sprain, and my insurance will no longer pay on ulcer treatment. So I do not have the $900 for GG right now.

    I am looking at more "natural" ways to ease her pain/issues right now until I can afford the GG or better yet, she may not need them.

    My old horse, back in 2004, had ulcers and we were able to cure them (and confirmed by scope) using just beet pulp (no grain) aloe vera juice and pasture access.

    She is turned out in a large pasture 6-8 hours a day with buddies
    and is given hay 3x day

    Currently I am giving her:

    1 cup beet pulp (AM/PM)
    1/2 cup aloe vera juice (AM/PM)
    3 pounds alfalfa cubes (AM/PM)
    Succeed (PM)

    and her smart pak in PM (smartomega 3, tract guard, and smartflex senior)

    DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY OTHER IDEAS? I would greatly appreciate it!!!

    I am reading up on apple cider vinegar....oat bran...and seabuckthorn. Anyone use these and have success? Thanks so much for reading!

    We just started this so I dont have results to post yet!
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    ^ yup, I would do a month on "blue pop rocks" and then look to lifestyle management (alfalfa, increased turnout, free choice hay, ect)
    for more Joy then you can handle

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    Feb. 13, 2005
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    Just FYI since you're new to the forum: try searching the forum for the term "pop rocks" in quotation marks. It'll bring up lots of threads regarding the Abler omeprazole granules (nicknamed "pop rocks" by COTHers) that you've been linked to above, and you'll find those threads super helpful.

    FWIW, I too would go with a course of pop rocks.

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    Mar. 9, 2003
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    I use powdered omeprazole (compounded by Precision pharmacy) with Rx from my vet. It's about $100 for 100 scoops. I give my mare 1 scoop AM & PM. It works fantastic for her. There have been studies that the concentrations of omeprazole you actually receive are questionable and that the carrier method is not as efficacious as the Merial paste products, but I think it works great, and is SO much less expensive.

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    I also use a compounded powdered omeprazole. I pay $150 for a jar that has about a two-month maintainance dose. I believe when I was actually treating (two weeks) I had her on 3x the amount, but that was a short term expense. It's worked miracles for my mare who used to buck me off, suffer frequent minor colics, and in general act like a witch.

    I'm still out about $75 per month to maintain, but it's well worth the expense in my mind.
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    Feb. 1, 2012


    For those of you using powdered omeprazole that was compounded by a pharmacy...what component is being used to ensure the drug is not degraded in the stomach, and therefore successfully reaching the hind gut to work properly?

    The omeprazole in GastroGard paste is protected by a buffering agent.
    The omeprazole in the abler granules is enterically coating to protect it until reaching the hind gut.

    What is protecting the drug in your powder?
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    Feb. 1, 2012


    And I would seriously be wondering WHY she has ulcers, for a third time.

    How is she managed on a daily basis?
    Stall or pasture?
    Does she have forage in front of her all the time?
    Any pasturemates who push her around, or is she alone? (either could cause her to feel stressed). Or, is she the boss adn too worried about protecting the herd?
    Is she under any chronic pain or discomfort (arthritis, etc)?
    Are you trailering her without using an ulcer preventative?
    Exercising her on an empty stomach?

    Not all horses will be obvious about their stress. You have to be the super sleuth to determine what REALLY stresses them out.

    Also, have you talked with your vet about delayed gastric emptying? Was their any remaining foodstuffs in her stomach ever after you fasted her & then scoped?
    "If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple payments..."

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