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    Default Question of the day:

    I somehow accidentally opened a philosophical can o' worms last night at a bar. These things happen when you mix gin and discussions of neutering cats, apparently. I was pretty shocked at the almost universal answer I received and I'm curious to see if that prevailing response carries over to a larger audience.

    If you woke up tomorrow and had zero sexual impulse- no need or want to pursue a mate, reproduce, etc- and (this is key) NO IDEA what you were missing, do you think that would prolong your lifespan? For purposes of this discussion, love still exists, just not romantic love. All other impulses and drives remain. You are just spontaneously completely asexual and don't care at all, nor have any comprehension that there is any other way to be.

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    Pretty sure I'd be cool with it. Can't miss it if you don't even remember it in the first place right?

    Don't know that it would prolong my lifespan. It would just encourage me that much more to have that extra piece of cake, or park my butt on the couch with a pile of Chinese food for a Law&Order marathon. Not like I'd be worrying about fitting into skinny jeans for a hot date.

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    Jul. 31, 2007


    I live in a philosophical can of worms. It's a good time.

    In answer to your question: Depends.

    If you look at the stooped shite people do in pursuit of the big O (with someone else), then yes, taking that compulsion for ill-conceived risk out of the equation prolongs life.

    But what about the people who find sex an inspiring raison d'être? Those folks arguably live through things they would not in hot pursuit of the hotties.
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    There are actually physiological benefits to sex. Even withdrawing any emotional benefits, it is good for circulation, stress relief, sleep, etc.

    Now...If, as in your scenario, there is no emotional need to pursue this passtime, the chase and the courtship and the manipulation, logic would suggest that you would have the time to devote to exercise and helathy eating and meditation. But we are humans and we will find some other ingenious way to kill ourselves with the spare time, instead. So, final answer, no. I think a healthy sex life probably helps you live longer.
    "In the beginning, the universe was created. This made a lot of people angry and has widely been considered as a bad move." -Douglas Adams

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