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    Jan. 27, 2002

    Default is .net as good as .com if the .com is taken?

    i've been told that your website should be a .com no matter what.
    even if it means you have to change the name of the business!
    is it still that way or is .net just as good?

    and can a search optimser make a difference if .net isn't as good?

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    Dec. 21, 2005
    Black Forest, CO


    Personally, I don't generally trust a .net. They just seem second rate to me and I worry that they could be spoofs of legitimate web sites.
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    Dec. 11, 2005
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    I read something a while back that said .info and .biz sites were the most likely to be seen as spammy/scammy/virus-laden. As a consumer, I prefer to see .com sites, but .net sites don't bother me as much. Perhaps you can find something that is very close to the original .com site name you want and obtain that.

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    Jun. 16, 2001
    Los Angeles, California


    If your clients are local your website could end in anything if leave pnone # and brick and mortar address (that is not your house) in your contact info.

    If your business in an online one end it in .com
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    The biggest thing with .net is that you will lose traffic to people who remember the domain name part and forget that you are .net instead of .com. So they enter in .com, get a site that probably isn't relevant, and may or may not try to figure out what your actual domain name is.

    I don't know how search engines weigh .com vs .net, so no comment there, but if you are thinking of spending money on SEO, take a step back and make sure you are hiring a web designer who understands basic SEO first, and spend your money there. A good designer will be handling basic SEO things naturally, but if they actually *understand* what they are doing, they can give you more bang for your buck than hiring someone different later to come in and try to layer stuff on top that should have been built in from the beginning.

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