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    Default Anyone do roller derby?

    My local league is having try-outs for the training squad in a couple weeks, and I'm really tempted. I love roller derby and think it would be a blast, but I am a little hesitant...

    a) I am 4'11" and 90 lbs, but when I have endorphins going, will without hesitation tackle a 300-lb guy in a touch football game. So I am a little concerned that I will be killed;
    b) I am worried about getting any sort of major injury that will affect my riding--I know my friend who does derby ended up having knee surgery;
    c) The time commitment... they do require a lot of time with practice as well as fund-raising, ticket sales, etc., it seems.

    So if anyone's done derby and has any insights, I'd love to hear them!

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    Well, injuries are quite common, especially the sort that can mess up your riding, so be mindful of that. The Derby Girls I've known and dated have ranged from nice to batshit crazy, so gird yourself for some wildness.
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    I know there are many different positions, but the girls I've seen on our local team are BEEFY. And wild. Very wild.

    Probably wouldn't be my first choice for a recreational activity if I was concerned with getting injured and not being able to ride.
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    I am going to start doing the boot camp in January with our local roller derby. We are going to have a competiive team and a recreational. The recreational go to the practices etc..but don't do the bouts.

    I need another form of exercise so I am doing it. Whether or not I compete is yet to be seen.

    You wear a lot of padding. The more protection the better. I am getting a really expensive mouth gaurd because of the $$ I have sunk into my teeth.
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