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    Default Losing it - another trainer question :)

    So.. again my trainer friends... I have been a trainer for 8 years and as hard as I try I have realized you can't make everyone happy all the time! Its a concept I seem to have trouble with for some reason... recently I couldn't give a client a specific time spot she wanted and tried SEVERAL ways to make her happy but to no avail.. alas she wrote me a nasty email and said because I couldn't accommodate her, she was finding someone else. Which was a type of blessing in disguise because of the stress she was causing as well as we have a huge waiting list and I wasn't worried financially about filling the client spot. Honestly, it was what I was going to tell her... suggest she find someone who could accommodate her time needs. My question... does this get easier? How do you stick to your own guns without feeling like you are letting the world down? The more trainers and coaches I talk to about the more it seems to be a common problem. What do you guys do about it?

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    I have the hardest time with this. Sorry my dear, it doesn't get easier. We cannot accomodate everyone all the time. I have a colleague I refer mine to when I cannot. That way my reputation stays intact. ;-) And that I guard carefully at ALL times! A waiting list is a good thing! ;-) You do what is best for the greater good. Those who really want "it," will find a way to stay with you, those who don't, you don't want in your program. I have had a client fire me....I was glad she did, it made her look good and there was no fall out, at least not yet. I wanted it to be the other way around, but I knew how it would shake out, she knows EVERYONE!!!! Being a trainer is a tough job...long hours, sacrifices but we are paid for our passion and our knowledge. On the outside we're pretty tough cookies, underneath we are so vulnerable, that is why when we cannot make someone happy, we truly take it to heart for a very long time.
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    You can't make everyone happy... I think that's true in ALL areas of life.

    I don't think you should feel bad, because you did everything possible to keep her as a client... and if she can't appreciate you for that, then it's better that she move on. The one thing I would say is that if you're constantly changing other people's lesson spots to accomodate one other person, then you're at risk of pissing those people off. It's kind of a catch-22.

    However, I've had experience with a trainer having "favorites" (e.g., students who paid more than others due to multiple horses, being in full training, going at a higher level, etc.) that canceled other lessons of lower level students in order to do a lesson for the higher level/paying student. THAT'S not fair, and a sure way to alienate the clients who likely stick with you if you treat them equally and fairly, no matter what level they're at. (Sounds like you're not doing that, but just a story to illustrate my point. )
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    Thank you thank you thank you everyone... this is what I needed to hear today! glad us trainers can stick together.

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    Sounds like a fairly demanding person and might be better off w/o them; sometimes people become more difficult when they are unhappy with a situation - that could be you & barn or something completely unrelated to you but you are bearing the brunt of it.

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