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    Default Just on the Today Show....

    this morning, a "Rossum Report" on companies that do background checks. Some poor woman was going to be hired by the Red Cross, after the background check, they said "no thanks".

    Turns out the company confused her with another woman-different race, state, address, etc., etc., who had a felony record a mile long. The only thing they had in common was name and birthday. Needless to say, by the time it was all straightened out the job was no longer available.

    The "spokeswoman" for the credit report companies was left speechless by Jeff's questions...She quoted an approximate 90% success rate with the out of 100 checks, they are wrong at least 10 TIMES???

    For the most part, no regulations on these companies...yet.

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    We use them at the barn. It gives us peace of mind that we're not hiring someone who would not be a good person to have in a family environment and around lots of kids. The company we use does a basic check of residences for the past seven years and then checks for felony and misdimeanor charges in those counties. They also confirm SSN.

    They also offer a far more stringent check, depending on needs. They can verify past employment, confirm educational background, do nationwide criminal background checks, run credit reports, etc.
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    I've always had to have background checks and in one case a drug test before jobs where I'd have contact with children, and I was actually an interview subject for a friend who needed a federal security clearance for a new job--an FBI agent came to my home and asked me a few questions.

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    I had a background check, including being fingerprinted and having a drug test to work at the post office. And not even "front of the house". I worked on their IT systems. I found it hilarious but it didn't really bother me.

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