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    Question Temperature, Sheets and Trailering

    We're in that time of year when the temp feels cold to us but may not be for the horses. We clip our guys who are in work so they will dry but wonder if they get cold when the temp gets into the 40s and 50s. We live in south Louisiana where it rarely gets below 35 and mostly stays in the 40s and 50s for the lows. My questions are: 1) does anyone have a chart indicating at what temperature horses should have a sheet, blanket, etc. put on? Our horses are out in the day and in during the night. And, 2) what does one do when trailering a horse in cooler temps (40s and 50s)? Do we keep the back doors open, sheets on, overhead vents open, etc.?

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    SmartPak recently sent out a blanket catalog that has temp ranges for both a clipped and I clipped horse.

    They recommend a medium blanket (150-250 grams of fill) for clipped horses in the 30-40 degree range and for un clipped horses in the 20-30 degree range. They recommend a light blanket or sheet (0-100 grams of fill) for a clipped horse in 40-50 degree range.

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    I usually dont trailer my trace clipped horse with anything on. Id probably put a stable sheet on a fully clipped horse if it was very cold though but not more than a sheet. It seems my horse is always a bit on the warm side coming off the trailer, whether its due to nerves or bracing themselves or whatever. Id leave the vents open.

    I always allow an extra 5 degrees for stalled horses. For example, if its 30 degrees out, Ill blanket for 35 but that could depend on the location of your horses stall to the door, if the doors are kept open at night, and if the barn has any type of insulation.

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    I live up in VA and I do have a chart. I have one horse that remains unclipped and one that is clipped. My unclipped horse has a sheet, medium weight and heavy weight blanket. When trailering him I don't use anything, but then again he works himself up in a sweat so better not to. But I do always have a cooler in hand for when we arrive if he does get sweaty.

    My clipped horse will get a light stable sheet on when trailering since I have to leave the windows open for my other guy. He also has a chart for blankets. Of course my blanketing will fluctuate with the weather and wind...its a bit windy where my guys are so much colder at times.
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    I'm in GA and my clipped mare has a sheet, light & heavy weight blankets. The SmartPak chart is a good starting point but you really need to try with your individual horse to see what work for them. For my mare, when she's underweight it can take 1-2 steps heavier blankets to keep her warm then when she's at her ideal weight. As far as shipping, we like to keep windows open so I use an irish knit or wicking sheet so they don't get chilled by the breeze if they sweat.

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