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    Default IRAP - how long for results? Longevity?

    I am considering IRAP for one particular area of my horses hock - upper joint. Recent Xrays on arthritic hock horse revealed lower joints have fused (or 99% fused). Upper left joint which has presented with swelling was injected in one particular area which vet felt was causing most discomfort. (was lame at trot). Vet said if this worked and helped/showed improvement - it would be a good "test" for IRAP, and a sign that he would be a good candidate for IRAP for that area. (can't do regular injections on this horse - goes off feed, bad reactions). He is doing great post-injection - he did go off feed slightly, even with this one, mild injection (vet used low dose to be safe) and we pre-treated his stomach with Uguard and Misoprostal post-injection. I am encouraged by his improvement, as this could mean IRAP is another tool for him. He is my heart horse! Still loves to play, canter and go for short hacks.

    For those that have done IRAP, how long until you see results? And how long did the results last? Is repeat treatment necessary? Did your horse have to stay at vet hospital or was it done as "outpatient"?

    He is also on Adequan and 1/4 previcox. I am trying to determine if we stay this course through winter, and IRAP in spring? Or IRAP in Dec. to help him through winter. He is ridden once per week max right now...was by me but realizing he may do better with my 10 yr old son on him who weighs about 50 lbs. less than me. He is a saint with him!

    Would love any experiences and feedback.

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    I used IRAP on my horse in the past. The first time I had amazing results within a week. The second time I was dissapointed but he was good after three weeks I was also giving weekly adequan at that same time. I am not sure if IRAP works as well on the hocks but worth a try.

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    My mare is getting it in her stifle. I hope it helps her. No insurance, so hope it is worth the money!

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