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    Jan. 10, 2008
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    Default NY Democrats--vote Working Families!

    If you're voting for Democratic candidates in NY and your candidate is also endorsed by Working Families, please consider voting in the WF line instead of the Democratic line... vote still counts for the same candidate, but you're sending a message to the Democratic party about the issues you're most concerned about and what you want your candidates to support.

    I'm saying this not to try to influence anyone's vote, but because for many Democrats, Working Families values tend to be what we value most, but people are sometimes scared to vote in anything other than the Democratic line because they're worried about votes not counting. I have Democratic ideals and am registered Democrat, but am not a fan of the outside influences and control over the party; so if my vote for WF can send a message that I care about civil rights, fair labor laws, and health care, maybe it will encourage the Democratic party to always make those a priority.

    Just something to keep in mind!

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    Feb. 18, 2001
    New York, NY


    Thanks for posting this. I typically vote straight Democrat and I did notice that Kirsten Gillibrand (my senator) and a few other I was planning on voting for are endorsed by WF. I like what I've read so far.

    (I can always count on COTH to learn something new!)

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    Dec. 27, 2006
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    I also look on the minor party lines for the canidates I plan to vote for anyway. AFAIK the minor parties need a certain percentage of the vote to maintain a line on the ballot so I figure my vote adds a small part to getting a viable 3rd party.


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