I have them. Snickers the OMG! a CAT sort of dog. And the not so new anymore cat that I cannot seem to name. I am very good at this usually. It doesn't help that I am not overly fond of her. She hates Snick like mortal sin. She came from a house with 3 small kids and a large dog. She was terrified when she came, and we all ignored her, [but Snick], but he wasn't allowed anywhere near her. When she began to join us, he was always on alert. She has adjusted to Toffee, who is rather afraid of New Cat. She gives Muff a wide berth mercifully, and Muff ignores her for the most part.
But I have been thru many names, and none seem right. I tried out Endora, because she is a witch, and Sparkle, which she sometimes does, she is not deserving of Arwin. I am leaning toward Moxie.
Lastly, I do think as a young girlish thing, she does want to play. Sadly the only one who really wants to play is Snickers. I have bought her a laser pointer. Meh. little balls with bells? Meh. Catnip? Ah well, but she can't let her hair down as the dadburned dog is around. Now I do put him in the crate a little more now than I was doing for a while. But I can't justify locking him in the crate so that she can swan around.
Any ideas fellow COTHers? I know you have 'em. Let's hear from you.