My vet is referring my horse to an orthopedic surgeon. He feels it's not OCD, but a chronic meniscus calcification with an acute meniscus tear or injury common in Quarter Horses. Anyone ever had the surgery for this? I am doing IRAP to get the swelling down before she goes in.

This is in her stifle. It's a common injury with performance horses I guess, my mare doesn't do any performance stuff, but she was in a nasty wreck when she was young, before I got her and that was 7 years ago. I don't know much about it, but she's got scars and other old injuries, so that's all I can think of.

Vet says prognosis after is fair to poor, which is what she was kinda doing before this, so... as long as she's comfy, that's all i'm concerned about.

If anybody has any experience with this, outcomes, etc. please let me know. Does surgery take care of it, or does it return?