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    Oct. 6, 2002
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    I like Sheezagem. Who names a MARE "stud muffin?"

    I can think of a lot of AQHA/APHA names that would HAVE to go!
    "The Son Dee Times" "Sustained" "Somerset" "Franklin Square"

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    Jul. 16, 2009


    I was fortunate enough that even though my mare was 2 years old, the breeder hadn't registered her yet, so it was all up to me. Her barn name was Neveah which I eventually figured out was heaven spelled backwards. Apparently it was trendy a couple of years ago. I thought it was cute. And since she is/was my dream pony, I decided to play off her barn name, but in a not so obvious way. Her registered name is Paradiso Mai which loosely translated is Heaven on Earth. I thought it was cute anyway.

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    No I sold him after having him for 7.5 years. He was TOO HUGE for me to ride trail, 15.3 and super full bodied. He did not have very good feet. He was pretty quiet and had the MOST comfy jog/trot of any horse I have ever owned. He could jog/trot 2.3mph, gps'd btw. He was nice to ride bareback too. He is 11 this year. He sure was a looker. Super nice chestnut with chrome, and perfect diamond on his forehead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vxf111 View Post
    I like Sheezagem. Who names a MARE "stud muffin?"
    Exactly- that is what I thought!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost_at_C View Post
    Some registries thankfully don't allow name changes without the breeder's authorization. As a breeder I am very much against unnecessary name-changes especially where the breeder is not directly notified. Many of us take real responsibility for the welfare of the horses we produce, and changing their names makes it far more difficult to keep track of them. Please, if you do change a name, at least have the courtesy to track down the breeder first to inform them.
    I phoned the breeder a few days ago to tell her of the purchase, express my delight, and ask for background on the name selection. I mean, if there's a good story, I can work with that.

    I have not received a reply.

    The more I watch peoples' faces when I tell them her name, the more I want to change it.

    But I'm in no hurry ... it needs to be more suitable or the effort is pointless.

    Thanks everyone for sharing the ...ah ... interesting names you changed and your perspectives as breeders.

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    First of all, I have not had such a good laugh in weeks. Horny Snowflake! Disco Biscuit! Who DOES this?

    I have changed names twice on Spanish horses. One, the horse got a non-Spanish name by a dip of a breeder. Second was a typo (the recording secretary does not know Spanish). Both times it cost me money.

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