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    Default Why can't I have 2+ debit cards?

    I am a scatterbrain. My debit card often ends up in a jacket pocket, on the floor of my car, or some other local and harmless locale. When I am convinced that it is not really lost, just misplaced, I look for several days or a week, but then I have to give up and order a new one. I have BEGGED the bank to send a replacement without shutting off the existing one. For one thing, I know that Murphy's Law will have me find the missing one immediately after I hang up the phone from reordering. Additionally... did I mention I'm scatterbrained? I would love to have a card hidden in both my car and my truck, and maybe one at home, in addition to the one that is/should be in my wallet.

    The bank says they'll do this (not cancel old card) and on at least one occasion it actually worked -- I had 3 functioning cards. But recently I had occasion to use one of the stashed cards and it had been shut off.

    What is the big deal? If it is what I want and request I don't know why it isn't possible. Before I go have words with my bank I thought I'd check in here, in case there is something wrong with this situation that I'm not seeing.
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    Just guessing, but since a debit card is tied to your bank accounts and you are the only authorized user on your bank account, they feel that for security reasons, only one is issued. If you had more issued, you could technically give one to someone not on the account, and have them use it, empty your account and then if you tried to claim it was stolen, they may be in a bind. Or if you have 2 because you can't find the other one "could have been stolen" in which case the security of it is in question, so it would need to be cancelled.

    With a credit card you have to authorize a 2nd person on the acct.

    Maybe you could put a parent on your acct, and get a debit card for them, that you keep, so you'd have 2...if you trust the parent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoZ View Post
    . The bank says they'll do this (not cancel old card) and on at least one occasion it actually worked -- I had 3 functioning cards. But recently I had occasion to use one of the stashed cards and it had been shut.
    It may have been blocked when it was used after a long period of inactivity. I recent had my card blocked after a long period of inactivity. Went through the fraud protection phone IVR and confirmed the last 3 transactions and it was unblocked. I appreciate the fraud protection kicking in.

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    It is simply security from the bank's point of view that there is one card per account signature.

    So in this case you need to be less scatterbrained. Decide on a "place" for your important cards and put them back after use. If you are able to keep track of your DL and credit cards, you can track the bank card.

    DH and I are on the move all of the time. It is a simple step, use the any card, then stop, put it in back into the wallet, visually confirm it is the wallet and return wallet to pocket or purse.
    It takes a little work, however the card is a ticket to your money, repeat your money. Set up a process for you so you control where your card is all of the time.

    Speaking from experience, scatterbrained is not thinking. If I take off in all directions, yes things are in total disarray. I have to stop, take a deep breath and follow a process. Life is less "exciting", but it is also less insane.
    "Never do anything that you have to explain twice to the paramedics."
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    It's also risk for the bank. If there are unauthorized transactions on your account, the bank may be required to cover the loss. "Spare" debit cards increase the potential exposure.

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    Can you get checks to go along with your bank account? I'm like you... constantly losing my debit card. It drives DH NUTS. I always just throw it in my jacket pocket, then it runs away. We do all our banking through USAA and sometimes it takes the cards 2+ weeks to get here. I finally ordered checks to go with my account and they live in a special pocket in my purse. Then when I lose my card for the third time in 2 months, I can at least still have access to the account.

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    I'm scatter brained with my cards as well.

    My solution was to find a case for my cell phone (iphone) that I could put the cards in the back of the case.

    It causes the case to pooch out a bit, but I have my ID, debit card, credit card and my hunting license with me at all times.

    I will sometimes fold a $20 and put it in there as well.

    I hate a purse/pocket book. I tried small ones, so I couldn't carry anything but the essentials, and it was always full. I tried larger ones, guess what!!! Always full. No purse, and I have found what is truly essential, which is not that much.

    I can put my phone in my pants or coat pocket and I have everything I need.

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    Ask for one card with your full first name, and a second card with just your first name initial(for safety) so they(the online merchant) can't tell that you are a man or a woman.
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    My bank seems to have no problem with cloning atm/debit cards for me. I'm surprised that they have that problem for you and I can see where it would be very annoying. Is yours a very large bank, like Citi or Bank of America, or a smaller local or regional bank?

    I'm also surprised that they can differentiate one card from another since they all have the same numbers. They do expire periodically (all at the same time).

    A few years ago I obtained a duplicate driver license when my billfold went missing. After it turned up again, I decided to keep the original in my billfold and put the duplicate (and a credit card) in my car so I wouldn't need to haul my billfold along when I went riding since wallets particularly when stuffed with receipts and papers -- would that it were cash! -- don't fit well in breeches.

    I've been thinking about ordering another duplicate drivers license now that my old license has been renewed, because that worked out so well before.
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    but no simpler." - Einstein

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    wow, maybe you should just work on the "not losing the card" thing. Losing that card is really not a good idea, financially, what if someone else finds it?
    plus it will save you such time and effort to not have to deal with getting replacements.
    Perhaps you could attach one of those things that beeps when you clap your hands to your card? or just always, always, always put it in a particular location after using it?

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