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    Default Online stalker...No, I do not want to buy your horse, thank you very much ... VENT

    I have a sale barn and advertise some of my client's horses on Facebook, Bigeq, dreamhorse, warmbloods-for-sale ...
    I have been receiving a bunch of messages from a person that I do not know in the 1st place trying to advertise her horse for sale.

    At 1st I took the time to answer nicely but now it is starting to get on my nerves.

    Is it common practice ?

    Anybody else has been harrassed by sellers when they are not even looking for a horse?

    I have had people I don't know at all advertising some of my horses for sale on their website
    I have had trainers using pictures and videos of me to market their horses after I went to try their horses for some of my clients. Of course, nobody ever asked me.

    I have had people using my name in an ad to sell their horse after they had owned it for 9 years (not so sure, the training I put is relevant after 9 years...).

    But it is the first time that I get people sending me ads of horses for sale in response to ads of horses for sale.

    Vent over

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    Yes I've received stupid ads from people in response to ads on public sites.

    It's called spamming and you report it to the host site as spam.

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    I would reply telling them you'd be happy to help market their horses, give them a list of your rates, the amount of commission you'd expect, etc, and ask for their address so you can send them a bill up front!
    The rebel in the grey shirt

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