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    Feb. 4, 2012

    Default Paso Finos in need

    Yeah, I know...NOT a new story. Pretty much cut and paste from any previous "Lady had too many horses, thought she was breeding speshul magical million dollar horses...she ended up on disability and the trust fund ran out. Farm has been sold on the courthouse steps, new owner is Amish and takes possession of the property (and all remaining contents) Thursday."

    The details: Central Kentucky (Munfordsville, to be more precise). 4 stallions aged 6-10. One 5 year old filly. One 24 year old mare. Decent weight (thank God the pasture the grass has held, the isn't a scrap of hay on the property). Hoof situation is fair-they could use a trim, but none are in dire shape. Nope, not likely that ANY are truly broke to ride, and even if they were, it was YEARS back. Doubt they were handled in the last 6 months before I wen to look them over today.

    *I* have NO where to put them. I *DO* have a trailer and am willing to help move them if anyone is interested.

    Plain and simple, owner is NOT firing on all cylinders right now. Don't know if it is pain meds or exhaustion, but she isn't really planning beyond 15 minutes. I'm just trying to see WHAT can be arranged by the horses, OK? She knows something has to happen, she knows she doesn't have anywhere for them to go, and is willing to surrender them and sign paperwork to transfer registration (or allow registrations as at least 3 are not yet registered, but she is the breeder and the PFHA does not charge extra for late registrations).

    I can NOT hold anything here for more than a week...and I WILL NOT do it unless I know, IN STONE, that there is a home waiting...I have too many horses that I am responsible to, these are not mine (and I do NOT need to get attached!).

    Contact me by PM or, if you are REALLY interested, call me at 270-469-3901 (and yes, we are Eastern time here).

    As I said, I am a friend of a friend of a friend-these are NOT my horses, this is NOT my mess, please be polite. I have contacted rescues (left messages) but not getting a response just yet (and who can blame them?) I have copies of papers so I can tell you bloodlines (None that ring any bells for me, supposed to be "FINO" lines as opposed to Largo types).

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    Jul. 13, 2011
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    Oh God, I wish I could help. That's my breed. I absolutely do not have the money to take on another horse. I will, however, contact the PF folks I know. Can you give me info on the bloodlines? Please PM me.

    What's wrong with you?? Your cheese done slid off its cracker?!?!

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    Sending you a PM. A friend of mine is involved in a fledgling Paso Fino rescue - maybe they can help.
    Visit us at Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society -

    Want to get involved in rescue or start your own? Check out How to Start a Horse Rescue -

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    Sep. 8, 2011


    Claudia -- sent you a PM.

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    Sep. 8, 2011


    For those that are interested in the bloodlines, looks to be Gracioso (Bochica), Ladrillo and some close up Plebeyo. Owner was breeding for show, but in general her horses were sweet and well-mannered enough to do anything. Very naturally gaited as well.

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