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    Default Best/device to download and listen to audiobooks?

    I would like to get my non-techy Dad something that would allow him to download and listen to audiobooks while traveling. He has a CD player in his personal vehicle but uses government vehicles that tend to either have cassette tapes or just a radio.

    I was looking at the iPod shuffle and nano. The shuffle would require an auxiliary plug (checking to see if his car had one) and the cassette tape adaptor. The nano allows for Bluetooth which his personal car does have and then the tape adaptor.

    If the vehicle doesn't have the tape deck, are there small portable speakers available?

    Are these two my best options or does kindle offer anything similar? I have the original kindle and wasn't sure if they now had speakers.
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    Instead of a cassette tape adapter, have a look at an FM radio transmitter like this:

    It plugs into the cigarette lighter and the ipod, and you simply tune the radio to the appropriate FM channel. Mine has 3 pre-set stations, and usually one of them is available to use (not broadcasting already).
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    An iPod is as good as it gets in this situation. iTunes download and sync and off you go.
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    I'd stick with the iPod + FM transmitter solution. Be sure to invest in a good, durable FM transmitter; some of them are kind of cheesy and stop working after awhile. If he drives in new areas a lot, get him an FM transmitter that auto-locates an open band of FM frequency to transmit through.

    The Kindle does have speakers, but they're not going to be powerful enough to hear while driving.

    You probably already know where to get audiobooks, but if not, look into a subscription to, pre-load his iPod with some great podcasts relevant to his interests, and check out the public domain audio books at LibriVox.

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    Don't go with a shuffle, you will drive him insane . For audio books go with an Ipod or MP3 player that will play things in sequential order.
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