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    Default help -- need a sample liability release for new boarder

    I've got a small private farm and I recently decided allow one boarder to come in - I know I should have some sort of liability release but haven't been able to find anything (I'm in VA) - would anyone be willing to share their's as a sample? My lawyer will draw something up but I thought it would be helpful to have something as a starting point --

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    Lightbulb !!

    More to the point, your insurance company may have one, and also make you aware of some of the 'caveats' of boarding, and assuming care, custody and control.
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    Phoebe: PM me your email and I'll send you mine. Do have a lawyer for your state, tho, go over it and make the proper State Code adjustments.
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    You need a boarding contract, and within that contract is a release from the boarder. Mine also has a provision that the owner indemnify me for any claims resulting from their horse's actions (e.g. if their horse gets onto the road and is hit by a car and the driver sues me, the horse owner is responsible for my costs) (Yes, I know, if the horse is on the road due to my negligence that's a different story. But if the boarder was leading their horse and it got away and got hit, the provision kicks in).

    You need way more than just a release, in other words. There are many sample boarding contracts online; I cobbled mine together from those (I'm a nonpracticing lawyer). If you give your lawyer several contracts you found online I'm sure he or she can craft a good one specific to your state.

    Think about what other provisions you want in the contract. Things like when you have permission to call the vet, that you have permission if their vet thinks the horse should be euthanized but the owner cannot be reached, to put the horse down etc.

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