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    Default Huge accomplishment "Action Trak Chair' for disabled long but worth read

    I met my great friend 18 years ago. Her husband came into the western store I owned at the time and ordered a pair of boots and made the comment that he and his wife were looking for aplace in the country. He left me his number as I had to order the boots. When the boots came in I called and left a message they were in. He came to get them and that was it.

    Then my daughters godfather decided he was gonna rent his place out and move to the ranch that he and his GF had just bought out in Montana. I told him I may have the perfect people. SO I dug out the phone number and called. I went to the house and met his wife (she expect that I was comming to tell her I was having an affair with her hubby) NOT. Since that day her and I just clicked. They moved in to the place three weeks later.

    Fast forward almost five years after trying for a baby she finally became pregnant. When their wonderfull daughter was born she was born with Pieare Robins syndrome (wich affects the long bones in the body) and an unsusual cleff pallate problem wich affected her facial bones. She actually died three times before she was three years old. One of thoose times she was down for over 7 minutes and the Docs said she would be a vegtable. NOPE she is the smartest kid in her class. This little girl is 12 now. She is in a wheelchair fulltime as her feet are conected to her knees and she doesn't have ankles one side of her is larger than the other so prostectics won't work for her as she is top heavy and lopsided. But yet she still tries to do everything from her wheelchair including succesfuly showing her horse in 4H from her wheelchair and has done quite well.

    Fast forward to this summer after the 4-h show her and her parents were walking around the fair and saw a display with the "trak action wheelchair" Wich was way out of their price range. Finally after thriteen years of taking care of their daughters needs themselfs they reached out to the community and a bunch of us put a great fundraiser together. The town they live outside of only has 800 people for population. The community came together and we raised enough money to pay for the chair in FULL.
    During the benifit we had a silent auction with tons of stuff. I even reached out to the Profesional Bullriders whom after sending links to her page sent a box full of merchandise for the auction. I also reached out to three top nascar teams. Only one responded and sent another huge box full of autographed merchandise to us. (Thank You Michael Waltrip Racing and all his drivers)

    It was awsome to see the outpouring of support from all the local communities as they all came together as one to help this little girl. Her new chair should be here by Turkey Day. Now she has the independant freedom to go out to the pasture and catch her own horse, she can now participate in outdoor school functions and she can now show her horse in anykind of terain as this chair is like a mini bulldozer. It is a wheelchair only instead of wheels it has a bulldozer trak on it. It will go through mud, 10 inches of water, snow you name it she will beable to go through it.

    As a surprise we were handed a broshure that the company had made. On the inside of the broshure is the picture of her in the demo chair at her house in the indoor areana with her horse. This broshure will go out world wide.

    The day of the fundraiser was a huge sucess for me also. As with my back injury and having the fear of crowds (I feel I have to protect my back at all times) I was able to negotiate the crowd and take tons of pics for her.

    So if anyone knows a paralized person or someone whom could benifit from this type of chair check out their website at:
    Sorry this was so long but I am just so excited for her and so thankfull to all the communities comming together as one to help her. She is now excited and has added a few more shows to her list for next year.

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    How wonderful!
    Kanoe Godby
    See, I was raised by wolves and am really behind the 8-ball on diplomatic issue resolution.

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