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    Jan. 7, 2010

    Unhappy Corgi Mix with possible bone cancer

    I have a 5yr corgi/shepherd mix whose about 45 lbs (now shes done to 43 was 48 in summer) whose been having some lameness in her hind right leg, the other day i was feeling her over and felt a large hard lump on the inside of her hind leg around her knee area. We went to the vet yesterday and x-rays showed bone deterioration and vets concern is bone cancer. The radiographs are being sent to a radiologist specialist and then we will schedule for a bone biopsy.
    Has anyone been through this? What is the normal treatment plan? I refuse to do chemo and my dog doesnt seem to act sick at all and I dont want to make her feel awful! Shes an over all very happy dog just with a limp and maybe a little more tired then usual (and weight loss). I know amputation may be an option, but being a corgi mixed with a big dog she has bad front legs (has already had surgery once to correct front legs and fix elbow bone that didnt fuse).
    Please any information will help! I am completely devastated and really hope the outlook for her life is positive, however i have not read many success stories concerning bone cancer.
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    Im so sorry. I will cross my fingers you are just dealing with a bone infection rather than an osteosarcoma.

    If it indeed is an osteosarcoma, there are several options. Amputation, Amputation + Chemo, Chemo alone, Radiation and palliative treatment.

    If you dont feel your dog will do well with an amputation, radiation may be a good option for you. I know one Dogue de Bordeaux inparticular that had the radiation done at Florida, this was well over a year ago and she is doing wonderful.

    Here is a good overview on treatment options:http://smallanimal.vethospital.ufl.e...rcoma-in-dogs/

    Jingles for you and your pup, hopefully the lysis is non cancerous!

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    Mar. 4, 2010


    I'm dealing with a similar situation. I've chosen not to do anything but palliative care. Right now, even though he's not using his hind leg much, he's still playing with the other dogs, hugely excited when I get home from work, go out to bark at wildlife, and eating voraciously. As long as he has this quality of life, he'll be with me. But I don't see spending thousands for an extra couple of months. Limiting what good time he has in recovery from an amputation. I love my boy so much. He loves me. But I know what I would want, having watched family members die of cancer.


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    I'm so sorry No idea how to help you, but I'm sending jingles your way. A friend was going the chemo route with her wolf cross. After three treatments her dog let her know this was not what he wanted. Stopped treatments and by some miracle he got better. He's still alive and it's been 4 years.
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