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    Default Bringing a horse to a new barn in the Fall

    A friend’s BO is trying to discourage her from buying a new horse and bringing it to the stable at this time because “Fall is such a bad time to bring a new horse into a boarding barn.” The friend was not able to expand on this or give any reasons why BO feels Fall would be such bad timing. I may be forgetting something, but is this thinking valid? Why would Fall be worse than any other time of year?

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    It's not. There is probably another reason why your friend's BO doesn't want her to bring a new horse.

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    The only thing I can think of that might be against bringing a new horse in the fall/winter is that the turnout can be reduced due to bad weather.

    I always thought it was a good idea to quarantine a new horse for a week (indoor or out, weather depending), then turn them out for as long as possible to let them decompress and get used to things at their own pace.

    Additionally, depending on how the BO runs things, they might have budgeted for a certain amount of hay/feed for a certain number of horses to get through the winter. With the drought affecting things the way they had, getting additional hay to add to the stockpile might be a challenge.

    Otherwise the BO just doesn't want the added hassle/stall to clean.

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    I've never heard of that before. I've moved horses in all 4 seasons (and disliked winter majorly!) and never had any issues.

    I would have your friend discuss this further with their BO. They may have a reason based on how they run their farm etc.

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    Of course the BO has a reason for saying what she did!

    It could be that the BO just doesn't want your friend, but it is far, far more likely that there is a reason based on how the barn is run. And there is no one answer.

    I know I just decided (in my head) not to take anyone new as the stakes are higher, so to speak, with the run-ins etc. If the weather was better I could take my time and see how the horses interacted with each other, and see if the new horse was going to hog the run-in, not letting the low man in, for example, or if the new horse would buddy up and be inseparable from another and always share a run-in, as another example. Then, based on my information I could decide the existing run-ins were perfectly adequate, or that I needed to get a new one. However, I don't want the low man out in the freezing rain while the herd dynamics become apparent.

    Therefore, I would also say the same thing, though probably not for the same reason.

    Always ASK! I tell people there is always a reason for what I do, if you don't understand why, just ask!

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