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    Default Antares turning white...

    Hi tack experts!

    My trainer's Antares has recently started turning white. When you have a sponge with glycerine on it and start to clean the seat begins to get a greyish color.

    I've tried fixing it for her with hydropane, neatsfoot, and the stubben conditioner.

    My guess is the student who has been riding in it is using way too much soap and it's just the gunk and residue that's making it turn white...

    So, should I try 1/4 ammonia dilute? or is it something completely different?

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    Stop trying everything.

    Bring the saddle to your trainer and ask him/her what to do.

    Too much soap, too much water, too much cleaning, too much oil, STOP!

    or ask an antares rep. These saddle are made with fine leather.

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    Sep. 17, 2011
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    I had an Antares that was very light on the back of the seat and back of the flaps. I bought it used and it was already like that. Something I've had trouble with with all 3 of the ones I've had is under the leathers getting a black gunk under them. I don't know what it is or how to get it off. I'm wondering if its my leathers. They are covered Beval leathers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alibi_18 View Post
    Stop trying everything.

    Bring the saddle to your trainer and ask him/her what to do.
    THIS!!!! Do not try to fix it or you could seriously damage it and it will all be your fault.

    Hopefully it will be an easy fix. Your trainer should make that decision, though.
    Born under a rock and owned by beasts!

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    Definitely bring it to your trainer. Best bet may be to call an Antares rep to get an idea of what the problem is. But ask your trainer first!

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    Probably what they call "bloom"'s wax from the tanning process working it's way out, can go on for a few years. Wipes right off.

    Could also be a residue of too many cleaning products. Glycerin can seal dirt and whatever INTO the leather if you don't clean it properly first. It gets to be like waxing a dirty floor. Try just cleaning it with clean, warm water and add NOTHING. Couple of drops of ammonia in that water really help loosen the gunk and are a time tested solution for cleaning leather.

    Not a fan of all the $$$ saddle products with fancy labels and extensive ad campaigns.
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