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    Quote Originally Posted by alibi_18 View Post
    Helpful for what? Except for being sorry for you and offer their sympathies, what helpful advice could people share with you? Isn't the horse dead?
    Why do you want random people to contact you?
    My thoughts exactly. People come onto this forum looking for support and sympathy. The OP received lots of sympathy, what in the world does she continue to want and not get now? Support for pseudoscience about vaccines? As mentioned, that's a different topic, and not one she will get banal support about here. Nobody was mean to her, but plenty of people questioned her theories and annecdotes.
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    OK, I read OP's first page of posts the other day, and have not read all the rest. I just came back to see why so many posts.
    So I've missed a lot of the posts.

    I didn't believe the original story. Too much going on with the horse front he outset of the transport. I've seen horses stress out and colic way before running through, how many fences?

    And I've never seen a horse have an adverse reaction to a rabies shot. I live where I've had vet give rabies shots to my horses for decades. And I've had experience giving rabies shots to dogs and cats for decades. (Although if the shot had been given in an artery, the horse mighthave seized. But not for days.)

    BTW, it takes up to one month, or so, for a rabies shot to reach full effectiveness. So if you give a horse a rabies shot and 3 days later he bites you, you may get rabies.

    But yes, if this horse was that crazy, then it was right to euth it. However, I have seen horses run through one wire fence, get cut, and stop. I just didn't believe the story and quit reading this thread after the first page. I need a synopsis.
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    I have no idea if the OP is telling the truth, however, I was one of the first to comment on it. Also have no idea if vaccinations or some type of feed had anything to do with it.

    I DO have something to add about the (amount of) fence breaking, however. I have seen two incidents of this type in 40 years of being around horses that boggle my mind. One was a horse many years ago, a gelding, quite rank, unknown history, who came to the farm I rode at as a ten year old. One day he broke loose from the handler, and as I recall he went through three or four 3-board fences, all were in very good shape. Aside from a few scratches, he was relatively unscathed-though he wasn't around long...

    My own mare, who I lost this spring, also had an incredible fence run through incident the first winter that I owned her, 3 years ago. She was at night turnout, something spooked her, and she ran through 3 separate sections of 3 strand high tensile wire-all of which were nice and tight-we had just done a fence check 2 weeks prior. I was coming outside, about 9 PM, to walk the dog, and heard the zing! zing! of sections snapping and pulling, by the time I got down there I was prepared to see her legs cut to ribbons...Nope, only one 4 inch long cut across her chest, like a shallow paper cut, and some areas of hair scraped off on her legs. Couldn't believe she was not terribly injured, I looked her over for about half an hour.

    Depending on where/how the horse hits the fence, they can apparently be terribly injured, or come out of it relatively unscathed...go figure....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedMare01 View Post
    The lady I bought her from (14 years ago), raised ASBs and grew alfalfa hay. They all ate alfalfa and sweet feed pretty much exclusively. I personally prefer grass hay and non-sweet feed, but none of her horses, or other ASBs at the various barns I trained and boarded at back in our Saddleseat days, seemed to have any big issue with alfalfa either.
    We've switched to an alfafa mix a little over a year ago with nobody acting weird. In fact, if anything, my very reactive ASB is less spooky this year than last. I know Saddlebred Rescue/Northwind feeds a lot of alfalfa too. That's who recommended we try it for our IR guys.
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    Maybe it was just me but I read the OP as just answering questions and explaining why she believes that.... I didnt feel like I was getting pushed towards any vaccine or alfalfa whatnot.... They girl has an opinion. Doesnt everyone? In my experience getting my dog vaccinated, there is something that does happen. Im not sure what vaccine it is but first time was just mild, throwing up, laying around, pacing.... the second time she went into shock about 2 hours after getting her vaccines.... It doesnt happen to all animals but something can always happen with pretty much anything these days...
    Hell, there could have been something wrong with that particular vial of vaccine. You never know. Maybe something weird happened and the virus wasnt quite dead, prepared wrong... who knows. IMO though, a scared horse loading and travelling for the first time would be stressful. Could have very easily knocked her noggin in the trailer. One hit can make a horse go crazy if in the right spot.

    As far as the story, I could believe it. A crazed horse can do some damage. We dont know what types of fences or the conditions of the fences. I've seen horses bust through metal gates... Rip it right out of the wood and bend it up, somehow manage to get a foot in and pull it out all without freaking the hell out or getting hurt!! I imagined some panels getting busted up, posts loosened....maybe not a full on break through superhorse style but damage sure being done....

    26hr trailering doesnt seem odd to me? My horse was on a trailer for longer than that (with far as I am aware..... uhg) sometimes they have other horses to drop off along their route....

    One thing that did confuse me was the 500 some odd dogs o_O Uh my only thought was a very large puppy mill bust? Not sure.

    To the OP, I am sorry you had to go through this. You did do the right thing. She was a danger to herself and others. I wish she would have worked out for you instead of these unfortunate circumstances. I hope you find a real dream horse that is everything you wanted and more!
    Clancy 17hh chestnut Dutch WB, '99. Owned and loved since '04 and still goin'!

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    Quote Originally Posted by artisticgold View Post
    I wonder if she had vision issues and/or neurological issues?
    The more I read, the more I began to think, maybe she was blind?
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    I tend to lean towards agreeing with the poster who suggested a head injury either in the trailer or in the loading tussle. The shippers claimed horse went up and almost over multiple times. Wouldn't be a stretch to find the horse hit head at the entrance of the trailer doing this, or that she actually DID go over and it just want reported.

    I'd wager head injury that either caused horrendous pain or brain damage.
    "Aye God, Woodrow..."

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    sounds like the trailer or horsebox was to small for the horse then

    some people will get bods in to transport there horses without checking the size

    and will say horses are not stupid they when they cant fit in and will fight and rear

    bad owners, for not checking size bad shippers for not checking size and bad new owner for not asking

    a horse of 14.2hh goes in a 7ft high box as in roof height
    a 15.2h -16,2h goes in a 7ft 6inches high box
    16.2h+ goes into 8ft high box

    will add that includes trailers - the bigger the trailer the wider the width
    and lenght to accomodate bigger horses

    poor horse suffered because no one bothered to check so she ends up hurting herself - and then all the bods let this mare continue on her journey
    sad no vet or nothing to check her out when it happened

    disgraceful conduct by all concerned

    thats the previous owner the shipper and the op the new owner

    so no simpathie's from me to owner - but sure do feel for a horse that cant speak up for herself as she dead

    its got nothing to do with the jabs or anything else it got everything to do with not selecting the right equipement to do the job correctly and safetly

    and its got everything to with ------ i know i did wrong i realise that but to make myself look better i will blame everyone one and everything and not myself

    poor neddy to be honest she better off out of it in her short life she had some really irresponsible people look after her welfare then - jeeeeeeeeeee

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    Not sure if this was asked because I didnt read all the replies but my first thought when I read that was could she see??
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