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    Jul. 31, 2007

    Default How to clean everything, Halloween edition

    We (I) always need one of these threads.

    I'll start:

    Best way to clean cast iron skillet stains off your porcelain kitchen sink? Comet and elbow grease seems like a newbie approach.

    And my advice: Endure the fumes and use Easy-Off oven cleaner for the baked on skank on your range top, too.

    Life is short. Don't scrub.
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    Jan. 10, 2008
    Western NY


    Don't bother with the cobwebs in the corners at this time of year; they're seasonal.

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    Feb. 28, 2006
    The rocky part of KY


    I cheated. The year we replaced our steel sink with a fancy porcelain one and I started having to clean those black marks and ruining my beautiful new sink I went out and bought those rubber mats. Took em out after doing the dishes and rinsed and swiped and it looked great! (that is until DH got left at home alone for a long while and dumped his coffee in the sink wihtou taking out the mats. I though I'd have to try that Efferdent stuff because nothing else was working).

    Vinegar is great stuff for hard water and lime deposits. Get a gallon bottle or two.
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    Jul. 30, 2005


    Hire someone to do it all for you.
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    Oct. 25, 2005


    Baking Soda

    All I need.

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