Many of you may be familiar with the story of Anne Williams whose teenage son Kevin died during the Hillsborough Disaster. Last month Anne finally was officially told what she has known all along: Kevin would have survived with appropriate, prompt medical attention. Earlier this month the attorney general called for new inquests for Kevin and the 95 other Hillsborough victims.

Anne has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and this petition asks that Kevin's inquest be moved forward so that Anne can see the second thing she has fought for: first "The Truth," and now justice.

For those who aren't aware, Kevin became one of the most well-known victims of Hillsborough because he died in the arms of a policewoman at 4pm. That policewoman's statement was never considered in the inquest into Kevin's death because the coroner imposed a 3:15 cut-off time, claiming that any victims were dead or beyond help by that time. A new inquest would explore why Kevin lay on the pitch for no fewer than 45 minutes without being taken to a hospital and given life-saving treatment.

The petition's story from the BBC: