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    Run for the hills screaming. Do not go out there and offer help for free, I wouldn't even let them bring the horse to you unless it was staying for training. This is harsh but you have to protect yourself. What if you go out and start helping, then the girl gets into a horrid accident, mum will blame you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meupatdoes View Post
    Ding ding ding!

    This is why I always internally laugh my @$$ off when people post something like, "Meh meh meh, this trainer was using ottb's in her lesson program. I don't want to PAY money to train her green horses for her. I want to lesson on more advanced horses and work on ME."

    Mais non, my little grasshoppah. Mais non.

    You are paying money to learn how to RIDE LIKE A TRAINER and build a ride from scratch on.

    Please to continue throwing that tremendous opportunity away.

    (Says the person who has trained horses up to AA show courses and tempi changes, and STILL takes lessons on green horses to learn how to train them better.)

    Who would have thought that there was value in paying a professional to share their wisdom and advice that they have gained through their years of experience. Even when I first started training, I didn't start with anything super difficult, I started with western horses that needed to be retrained to english, then OTTBs that needed to be transitioned from track work to jumping, then young horses not yet started undersaddle, and then finally weanlings and yearlings with zero training. Plus I continued with lessons, clinics, and various other learning opportunities.

    If only I could sue Disney for all of their black beauty/ black stallion crap they put out there...

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    OMG that is the best post! Yes yes yes!!! Now that I am leasing a horse that knows things, I miss riding the young'uns in the lessons. You are so right!!

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    I learned to ride, really ride when I was assigned to ride the OTTb's and assorted "n'er do wells" that my lesson barn got in. Funny thing is that so many of those kids with fancy A show horses are not riding any longer, but I'm still at it. I still like a project, 35 years later.

    As a pro it must be hard to see a student in such a position. I donb't blame the OP for wanting to help, but agree that it is opening the door to a bad situation.
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