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    Default 3 Legged day totally sound?

    I think I might have the worlds most unlucky dog. He is as sweet as they come, but boy has he had some trips to the vet (oh, and the BILLS!! ... don't get me started on THAT!) Poor boy. the middle of the hurricane, where did we go? You guessed it, the vet.

    All morning, he was doing his usual routine of laying in his bean bag chair next to fire. He's a sedentary guy and has done nothing but lay around and had a couple quick potty trips on a leash.
    I watch him get out of his bean bag, and he's walking on 3 legs!
    Its his left front that he won't put on the ground. He lays down and I go to touch his foot, he quickly puts his mouth on me "DON'T TOUCH IT MOM"! He didn't bite, but he was quick to let me know he didn't want me messing with it. I told him he's just going to have to tough it out for a moment, and I lightly touched each of his toes. As soon as I just barely touched his outer left toe, and he yelped. He's quite stoic, so I knew something was really wrong. So off to the vet we go in the middle of the hurricane.

    I told the vet I had been with him all day, and he's done nothing to injure it. We skipped x-rays because he had a little inflammation and she thought perhaps he had a soft tissue infection. He suffers from severe allergies so secondary skin infections are something we're really familiar with.
    She ran a Lymes test which was negative. Sent him home on antibiotics and tramadol. I gave him 1 dose of antibiotics and tramadol when I got home, and last night he wasn't quite so lame when we went to bed. This morning he's completely sound like it never even happened! I skipped on his pain meds since it was long enough that the last dose had warn off and he was sound. Tonight, he's still sound and playful.
    I'm baffled and relieved all at the same time. Any idea what could have caused this sudden severe lameness that resolved overnight?

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    Maybe he pulled something? I had same thing happen to me on Sunday. My dog ran around like a fool and later was three legged lame on hind leg. I was prepared to take him to the vet first thing Monday and but we woke up and he was better but still limping. Monday night was 100% sound again. Who knows! They love to worry us and spend our money! LOL!

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    My Wheaton does that all the time... we joke about how she's just trying to get sympathy, but we're pretty sure it's just caused by her overly sensitive skin.
    I like mares. They remind me of myself: stubborn know-it-alls who only acknowledge you if you have food.
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