So with good ole Hurricane Sandy that is currently going through our area luckily we mostly got lots of rain, some mild wind but most of all cold temps!

My guys live outside and it was the first true test of my horses new sheet with hood. I recently purchased the Amigo 1200D Bravo. I was impressed with the design, I can actually use my Rambo liners from his Duo inside as well! Double plus.

However, when I went down to the barn yesterday to check on the horses it was waterproof but he was wet all along the area when the hood connects to the blanket. I was slightly disappointed. I am hoping that with the wind and the lightness of the sheet it caused it to lift up and water to get in. However I have never had this problem with the Duo, which I quickly switched him to last night.

Has anyone else had this problem? The reason I have this blanket is for the fall/spring weather where it is too hot to blanket but cool enough with rain to be cold. He will get clipped but seeing as he wont be in heavy work till Jan/Feb again we are waiting until then.