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    I doubt that the storm will have much to do with prices of meat. What will and already has is the drought across the cornbelt in the midwest. Farmers are only getting 1/4 to 1/3 out of the corn harvest this year. Most of it is going right to the Ethanol plants. Some farmers have ins. on their crops others do not so this will also play a factor in the prices.
    Not only did the corn sufer but hay also. The price of hay in the midwest has tripled in comparison to last year at this time and anyone that has any xtra hay to sell is price gauging just because they can.
    Soybeans crops also suffered as did the popcorn crops.
    So with that said it is because of the droughts and the skyrocketing price of feed for cattle that will not only increase the meat prices but the milk prices and anyithing that has corn or soybean in it.
    It may not happen for awhile but it can and probably will happen.

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    I am thinking it will include beef, chicken, lamb & pork ( especially). Mainly because the price of grain is not coming down at all even though the harvest is over here. With the drought in the mid west the amount of hay eating animals ( beef, sheep, goats) sold was staggering and once they have been processed you are going to have less being sold ( supply and demand) because less people have them to sell. With Pork and chicken the cost of grain will impact their cost as well since many people raising pork are losing money on every pig.

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