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    Default Anyone potty train their child younger than 2 years?

    Our son is 18 months and aware of when he pees and poops. (He says "pee" and "poop" while and after the event). He seems to not like to pee in his underwear or when he's naked. Diaper is OK... (soaks up the pee, I guess. We use cloth so he does feel wet).

    He holds it for 2-4.5 hours at a time and is dry waking up from naps and in the morning. Sometimes dry after a nap too for quite a while.

    He will hold his pee, not pee on his potty chair, and then go pee on the floor all the while saying "pee! pee!" and looking down at his penis.

    I'm not sure how to transition this successfully to a potty? We had ONE "pee" (ok dribble) in the potty chair so far. We aren't stressing over this in any way, if he doesn't get toilet trained it is no big deal but he's showing a lot of signs that he is ready to do so.

    So far all my family and friends have suggested we do the "aim at the cheerio" trick, which is all well and good but I REALLY want him to learn to pee sitting down first.

    Any words of wisdom? I *have* successfully house-trained numerous dogs but this seems to be a whole different kettle of fish!

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    Go to John Rosemond's web site. He is a BNT for kids. He has some excellent suggestions on potty training kids and firmly believes kids should be potty trained before 2 years. Sounds like your son is ready and you're probably ready to be done with diapers.

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    I don't recall personally, of course, but I'm told that I was housebroken at an age in months rather than years -- never cared for the stories of how I was encouraged -- and as I do recall, unless something totally terrified me as a toddler so I lost control, it stuck pretty much 100% of the time afterward. (Interesting how spooked horses never pee along with the other carrying on...)

    For a long time there seemed to be some dark psychological overtones to early housebreaking. Never hear much about that any more. I think being comfortable and avoiding messes is probably as compelling an explanation for why some get a handle on it early as anything subterranean. And some if it can simply be developmental in terms of muscle control and whatnot. No shame or pride in developing earlier or later along the continuum any more than for the age of onset for puberty -- que sera sera -- though the diaper bills (which no infant or toddler cares about) provide an incentive to parents.
    "Things should be as simple as possible,
    but no simpler." - Einstein

    “So what’s with the years of lessons? You still can’t ride a damn horse?!”

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    Put him in underpants and see how it goes.

    What I think you should do, and what my sister did, was to put some little pieces of paper towel in the toilet, or in water in his potty chair, and have Daddy show him how to "sink the boats" with pee. Obviously, Daddy should use the big toilet for this demo.

    Then, take your son to the store and explain to him that you think he might like to wear some big boy underwear. Pick out a couple of packages with him.

    When you get home, let him try on a pair, then say, "okay, let's take them off and put on your diaper. When you are big enough to go potty in the toilet, and you want to wear these, you just tell me, okay?" Explain that if he wears the "big boy underpants" instead of diapers, that big boys don't peepee in their underwear, and tell him that he can decide which to wear, the underwear, or the diapers. Make it very non-judgmental. If he chooses the underwear and pees in them, don't make a big deal. Just say, "Oh, honey, let's take those off and put on diapers because they are all wet."

    My nephew sat on the training potty a few times, never peed in it, and then wanted nothing to do with it for months. Then my sister suggested trying the potty again and he only wanted to sit on the big toilet, and then he peed, and it was all over. After that, he always wanted to go in the toilet. So then he wore underwear during the day, diapers at night, but was dry every morning. They went on vacation just before his 2nd birthday and she forgot the diapers. He never needed them.

    Warning: don't wish for him to be potty trained too soon. The downside is that every time you walk into Target, as soon as you reach the section at the back of the store and start looking at something, your son will have to go. Then there is the whole process of peeing in a public bathroom, with all the cleaning of toilets and helping with clothes and making sure the hands are washed, etc. Going to public bathrooms is a novelty for them and you sometimes end up with two or three trips to the bathroom in one shopping trip, with the inevitable false alarms.

    I read somewhere that kids used to be potty trained at one year, back when they wore cloth diapers that became cold and uncomfortable when they were soiled.

    Also, don't be disappointed if he has to wear diapers at night for a few years. Many children, boys more than girls, have a brain development thing where they sleep very heavily and are unable to wake up to urinate. They cannot help it and should never be punished or humiliated for this.

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