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    Dec. 19, 2008
    Where The Snow Flies


    Quote Originally Posted by JohnDeere View Post
    DH swears GM didnt have time to ruin Saab by 1997 so hes pushing hard to get it. Im trying to say its not a good car for snow (like today hello) but he hasnt paid attn in 23 years. Why start now?
    Oh, they did. If you look at the difference between SAAB 900s from 1993 to 1994 (hatchbacks) and 1994-1995 (convertibles) you will see how dramatically they changed the line when they took it over in 1994. The reason the convertible didn't change in 1994 was because there was an abundance of body shells left for the convertible that they needed to use up and they made the 1994 SAAB 900 convertible a commemorative edition. It was this dramatic, half-a$$ed change in design and production that created an expensive car that was a royal piece of crap. The electrical systems are awful because they have everything run through a CPU unit that is so temperamental that it just is always NQR. This is the major problem with these cars and why mechanics have such a hard time working on them. Finding the source of the problems are near impossible. I assure you, GM did a fine job wrecking these cars by 1997. I implore you to tell your husband no. This car will not be a dependable vehicle for your daughter - not by any stretch of the imagination. It will leave her stranded or broken down somewhere. And I say this as someone who is a passionate SAAB nut.

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    At the back of the line


    CPU-thats whats wrong with it now. WHy its so cheep.

    I will tell him.
    “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” Peter Drucker

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    Default YEA!!!

    My first car was our '87 red Saab convertible with turbos Even though it was 20 years old, I absolutely loved loved loved that car, and still sorely miss it. My sister and I would fight over who got to drive it, and I distinctly remember if the weather was above, like 50 degrees in March the top went down and the seat heater on lol Or cruisin on the hot summer nights, in fall, but not winter- that toy got stored for the NH winters...

    The car did have it's downsides, ie, the gas gage didn't work, so you had to watch the mileage for every trip, the roof though once automatic, was broken so when it rained it was see how fast you could stand in the back seat and pull the roof up, it didn't like to start if it had been sitting awhile... ok so it actually had a lot of problems, but I loved it anyways

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    I had an MGB convertible that I loved, and it went through many New England summers and winters. My vote is to have it checked thoroughly for mechanical issues, (my sister loved her Saab) and go for it.

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    Someone in my family has had a Saab for as long as I can remember--I can think of 7 off the top of my head. Three early-mid '80s hatchbacks, one '96 convertible, one '99 wagon, and two '03 sedans. There might be more. I personally would only ever have one as a fun car and wouldn't touch any GM Saab with a 10-foot pole. The '80s Swedish-made ones were/are (one is still going strong with about 400,000 miles on it) pretty solid. The later models are constantly breaking down, and dear god the convertible was especially awful. I was surprised my sister bought her '03 Saab after the ridiculousness that was the '96 convertible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StellaTMK View Post
    Love, love, love my convertible. It's a '03 Spyder. It's my daily year-round driver. Glass rear window, defrost, always parked outside. I live in nj so it gets all sorts of weather. In light snow or rain, it's safer than the 3/4 ton truck with the low gear ratio since tha just spins on the slick with the RWD and no weightin the bed.

    The problem is the blind spots. This is my 3rd convertible, I have had one for the past 20 years, so I'm pretty used to it but the worst is merging into a traffic circle and not having good visibility back and to the right on that merging angle. Almost zero back seat so I never have to drive and the dog is perfectly happy back there.

    I would stay away from plastic windows, white/light tops and high mileage cars

    Good luck!
    I have an '01 Spyder that I LOVE! After I got it, I did a group buy with other Spyder owners on a hard top, which I also love. I use the hard top for our (harsh) lol, California winters. What I appreciate about the hard top is there is no blind spot.

    I agree with staying away from plastic windows, they don't wear well.

    I highly recommend the MR2 Spyder, unless your DH is really tall, in which case he may not be that comfortable!
    Proud owner of a Slaughter-Bound TB from a feedlot, and her surprise baby...!

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