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    ^This. And if you are breast feeding, all this anger elevates your hormones and gets into your breast milk. It's not good for the baby to be this upset.

    So be kind to yourself. Let this whole thing go. It's just as well to be rid of this person.

    I would say nothing, unfriend her, and go about being happy with your life. That's the most effective response anyway.
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    Nope not breastfeeding. BUT he did sleep a solid 8 last night. 9pm-5am. This is A HUGE DEAL. He's an easy baby, very happy (thank god)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Long Spot View Post
    LBM, just wanted to say it's going to be ok, no matter how it turns out.

    I don't want this to come off sounding know it all or belittling, because it's so not meant to be.

    But I remember what head space I was in when my son was 2 months old. There are still hormones, some unbelievable mother lion stuff going on and just trying to adjust to life as a mom after 39 years of SOOO not being a mom.

    It's rough. You are sleep deprived, too.

    This couldn't have happened at a worse time for you. Just make sure however you decide to handle it, that you don't make any big decisions without having had some sleep, a meal and some time for yourself. Just as your friend/exfriend isn't herself right now with everything that's going with her, you aren't yourself either.

    I'm not saying cut her a break or let it slide. But how you handle it or think you should handle it might change depending on how much you've been able to take care of yourself and how much rest you've gotten.
    What great advice! And love Gus's tag line!

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