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    Jun. 25, 2004


    Well said GraceLikeRain and Gnalli.
    "Never do anything that you have to explain twice to the paramedics."
    Courtesy my cousin Tim

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    Feb. 5, 2010


    GraceLikeRain, THANK YOU for such a thoughtful, compassionate post. I'm sure there are many Christians who are as good-hearted and non-judgemental as you, but unfortunately we usually hear from the close-minded, holier-than-thou, judge-y pants type. Reading your post gives me hope that not ALL Christians are hell-bent on imposing their religious beliefs on others. You really are a good egg.

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    Aug. 9, 2007


    It is not just about abortion. It's about those guys (and that idiot Broun is a doctor from some rural area of my state, dammit) forcing their views of religion and total control of all facets of life and death upon everyone else. We women fought for years for the right to use birth control. To vote. To serve on juries. We've had struggles for equal rights parallel to those that blacks have had. And we still don't have an equal rights amendment for women in 2012.

    When the Constitution was written, women were not included as citizens. So the whole struggle has been to be accepted as equals to men. The founders of this country considered "women, children and idiots" in the same class. To be ruled and dominated by white males. Blacks weren't even considered humans. We white women got classed with the idiots. l

    The whole concept of subjugation of women is to keep them "barefoot and pregnant." Something which we should NOT allow to happen in Tuesday's election.

    Any student of history (my 2nd minor in college) knows the above. Some people actually think that women are inferior to men. And the Bible, which was written mostly by men, is an historical example of the Jewish men's attitude towards women back then. Times have changed, but religions haven't changed enough.. Most religions, Christian or otherwise, do not allow women high positions of power. Why? Because our governments and religions tend to be dominated by white men. (And I graduated from a religious college where we had to study religion, what was fact, and what was myth and folklore.)

    It's like the book 1984. If white men keep repeating the lies to everyone enough, people will believe the lies. We are in a worldwide recession. Obama did not cause it. Blacks did not cause it. Women didn't cause it. Oops, it was the greed and actions of white men who caused all these problems.

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    Jun. 27, 2005


    According to local news media, Mourdock is not doing so well in the polls.

    \"Horses lend us the wings we lack\"

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    Ontario, Canada


    You have my respect too GraceLikeRain.

    It saddens me to see the way so many so-called Christians behave, with such hatred and condemnation in the name of their religion.
    And not at all like Jesus. Do they ever really ask WWJD?

    I'm sure these 'Christians' would hate Christ and call him a 'socialist' and 'evil' just as they do the President.

    Thank you for your post and for your kindness.

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    Jul. 19, 2008


    Late to the discussion, but would like to add:

    A story to consider, from Poland, about a 14 year old girl who was raped and became pregnant, and the pro-life movement that tried to prevent her from terminating her pregnancy:

    If you think that couldn't/wouldn't happen here, a forewarning - this is while abortion is still legal in this country:

    I find abortion unfortunate, but until birth control is basically free, it will remain a necessary evil. Only 3% of the services Planned Parenthood provides are abortions - 97% of it's time and effort treating people trying to prevent unwanted pregnancy or cancer/disease. The next largest provider of low-cost health care is provided through the Catholic Church, and they won't provide birth control unless medically necessary (ran into this with refugees I mentor). Oh - PP saves countless lives every year as the primary gynecological care of both women and men. Remember, PP is a non-profit who relies on donations and federal funds - no huge profits for these "murderers" to spend on mansions, etc...

    I respect strong religious views, but recommend you broaden the pool of information from which to make your decision - arm yourself with the truth, otherwise you are just part of the misinformation.

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    Oct. 30, 2008


    GraceLikeRain--You made my cry. But in a good way. Thank you.
    Flip a coin. It's not what side lands that matters, but what side you were hoping for when the coin was still in the air.

    You call it boxed wine. I call it carboardeaux.

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