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    Jan. 18, 2008
    land of the Canucks aka West Coast B.C.

    Default Jingles please...


    Need to get some jingles going for my kitty cat who's missing.

    I just got back from a weeks holiday to this news. Co-worker/friend was looking after her for me. The cat is the farm cat and also inside/outside cat. Friend adores this cat and the entire farm has been searching for her.

    When I talked to friend on tuesday and she had said that the cat didn't come in the previous night which isn't super unusual but does normally come in for the night. And they had seen her on monday.

    So not sure what I can do since no one on the farm has seen her since tuesday ish. I have been calling out /whistling for her. Will do my own search but i know they did a super through search.

    Foxes have been hanging around and snakes ( big browns) have been seen.

    Dang it cat! Gaa and of course she has to go missing the week before my parents get here and they were looking forward to meeting her.

    So ya any jingles and suggestions would be nice please!


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    Mar. 26, 2005
    Back to Normal.. or as close as I'll ever get


    Come Home NOW! Jingles in motion

    My little barncat went missing for nearly a week in the dead of Winter.
    I had tearfully given up on her when she reappeared.

    Hope yours has just gone Walkabout, found the hunting excellent and will be back in time to meet the folks.
    *friend of bar.ka*RIP all my lovely boys, gone too soon:
    Steppin' Out 1988-2004
    Hey Vern! 1982-2009, Cash's Bay Threat 1994-2009
    Sam(Jaybee Altair) 1994-2015

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    Nov. 3, 2006



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    Jan. 18, 2008
    land of the Canucks aka West Coast B.C.


    Kitty cat is home!!!!

    I had been whistling for her since I got home just in the chance that she would hear me. And heard some meowing at 11pm and sure enough it was her.

    Seems happy and healthy. Dove into her food but other then that looks good just perhaps just a tad skinnier.

    Bosses and co-worker will be very relieved as well!

    Thank you for the "come home now "jingles! Much appreciated and believed they helped!

    *kitty is curled up on lap right now as well*


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