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    Default beautiful Boxer seeks love and affection in SE PA

    If there is a loving family out there who would want to do a dog share or foster him for 6 months to a year with me covering expenses I would be in heaven, but if not I am prepared for him to go to a new home with a new family. Axel turned 2 on August 25th, he is purebred German/American Boxer and weighs about 70 lbs. Both his parents compete in agility and dad in Shutzhund competitions, and his sisters do as well! Axel is best suited to a boxer or bully breed experienced home who understands the breeds sensitive character but also need for clear structure and boundaries. A fenced in yard is a necessity as is a couple or a family who is present in the home for the majority of the day and/or able to take Axel with them. He does not do well if left alone longer then 6 hours at a time, and if done regularly he becomes physically sick (vomiting, refusing to eat, and breaking out in hives). Axel absolutely loves kids and is very social. He plays well with all types of dogs, though should not live with neither dog or person who is exceedingly submissive as he will make it his goal to dominate. Axel should not live with cats (small dogs are no issue). He is very sweet and loves his snuggle time just as much as his play time. He does have food allergies requiring a lifetime of Allergen Free prescription dog food, which is a bit more expensive then other foods and costs around $65-70 per bag. He also requires Prednisone in the spring, summer, and early fall. Axel knows all of his commands, is neutered, microchipped, crate trained, and house broken. Under normal circumstances when he's recieving proper amounts of attention and exercise he is non destructiveand actually quite mellow around the house, though has been causing trouble lately bc my work schedule has forced him to live like a kennel dog :-( I love Axel more than anything, he is such a happy dog, I just want to see him in a situation where he isnt so stressed out and with a family who has the time to enjoy him, as my work schedule does not allow for a dog in my life right now.
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    Have you checked with the breeder to see if they can help you out? Many good breeders are willing to help rehome dogs they bred.
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    I volunteer for the Atlanta Boxer Rescue...Maybe you could ck with rescue groups...I foster but am a bit far from you. We have our annual Boxerstock coming up next Sunday....Thousands of Boxer lovers will be there. Maybe you could contact ABR about putting some of your info up. You never know who may know someone in your area that could help you out.

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